Thursday, June 6, 2019

Versace Sample Sale Comes to Vancouver

The Sample Sale Guys have come to Vancouver with a new sample sale! June 5th-9th, they're hosting a giant Versace sample sale at the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel. The sale promises up to 80% off clothing, hand bags, luggage, backpacks, bedding, scarves, belts, boots, jackets, watches and more. I'm not necessarily a label-obsessed, but I do enjoy a great deal, and in case you do too...I wanted to give you a quick peek inside the sale! I attended the sale the night before it opened to the public and snapped lots of photos (and snagged a list of prices!) so you'll know exactly what to expect if you're thinking of checking it out.

When: June 5th-9th, 2019
  • Wednesday June 5th: 11am - 11pm
  • Thursday June 6th: 11am - 11pm
  • Friday June 7th: 11am - 10pm
  • Saturday June 8th: 11am - 9pm
  • Sunday June 9th: 11am to 6pm

Where: Sheraton Airport Hotel, 7551 Westminster Hwy, Richmond

Of course, I'm sure the thing you're most keen to know is what the prices are like. You can check out the pricing chart below for a sneak peek. I wish that there was a bit more of a breakdown in the pricing, to be honest. For instance, mini purses and big purses were all the same price - it would have been nice to see a slightly cheaper price on the mini purses. That being said, $300 for the VERSUS Versace purses were still a pretty good deal. 

The shoe selection wasn't massive (I do believe there was better selection in the men's shoes), but they did appear to have a wide selection of styles, and they were all really neatly organized on tables by shoe size. I did fall in love with a certain pair of cobalt blue platform heels...they were truly stunning, but a bit outside my budget. If you've got the cash though, there were some sweet pairs of kicks worth picking up.

There was also a good selection of belts, scarves and even bathing suits and sportswear. The one other thing I was drawn to was the leather gloves. For $99, they were a beautiful buttery leather and had small gold Versace symbol at the wrist (sorry I didn't get a photo!). I didn't see any size small though, so, unfortunately, I had to pass on those. But definitely grab a pair if you're a medium, large or x-large glove size!

Purses are usually my go-to at sample sales like this. My favourite was the little white VERSUS Versace purse on the left. It was $299, so not bad. As I mentioned above though, I do wish that the smaller bags were priced accordingly, compared to the larger bags you'll see below. I'd say the bag selection was quite good - there was a giant long table stacked with all kinds of sizes and designs that ran a good part of the length of the ballroom where the sale was held.

The backpack in the middle below was also one of my favourite finds - the leather was so buttery soft!

If you're looking to pick up just a little designer accessory, the sale did also have a small table dedicated to everything from wallets and keychains to rings and other jewellery. 

Most of the space was dedicated to clothing of course, and the racks were jam-packed! Sizing was clearly indicated on signs above the racks, and there seemed to be a good selection of all sizes. With the amount of people shopping, I wouldn't assume you'll be able to try everything on (I think I saw one corner with some makeshift changerooms?). So just keep that in mind. There were also other clothing items like bath robes, 

A couple other things to keep in mind:
  • You can only pay with credit card or debit at the sale
  • There's no strollers, jackets, or hoodies allowed inside
  • Bags will be checked by security on your way out

While it's always best to hit these kinds of sales in the first couple of days to get the best selection, if you wait it out 'til the end of the sale, you may find yourself able to snag some items that have been further reduced in price!

Happy shopping! xo

~ Britta

Monday, June 3, 2019

Snakeskin Trend 4 Ways

If you pop your head in any store lately, or take a peruse online, you're sure to see a ton of snakeskin print right now. It's ramping up to be one of the hottest trends of the year, and while your first thought might be 'ew, that's such a cheesy print', don't write it off just yet. There are lots of ways to wear this rather bold print, and they're not all necessarily that bold. But they're all stylish, that's for sure! Keep reading below to see 4 different ways to wear the snakeskin print trend.

Snakeskin the 1st way: small accessories

White Belted One Shoulder Jumpsuit Evelyn White Belted One Shoulder Jumpsuit Evelyn White Belted One Shoulder Jumpsuit Evelyn 

One of the easiest and least scary ways to wear snakeskin is in a small accessory like a belt! This belt used to be my mom's and unfortunately is starting to see some wear, but there are tons of snakeskin belts out there so I'll be looking for a replacement now. I've linked up some affordable ones at the bottom of the outfit photos here too! Other snakeskin accessories might include purses, choker necklaces, scarves, and sunglasses - I've liked up some affordable ones below. But the key here is to only style one small accessory in the trendy print. It's a relatively busy pattern, too, so I like to pair it with solids (like this awesome and affordable white one-shoulder jumpsuit from Femme Luxe!)

White Belted One Shoulder Jumpsuit
White Belted One Shoulder Jumpsuit

Snakeskin the 2nd way: shoe details

Black Belted Bodycon Midi Dress Angelica Black Belted Bodycon Midi Dress Angelica Black Belted Bodycon Midi Dress Angelica

Now, I've still been on the hunt for a super bold pair of snakeskin boots or heels, but I realized I already had this pair of heels in my closet that have just a small piece of snakeskin pattern on the back! I actually thrifted these years ago (they're originally from Zara), and they're still one of my favourite black pumps. I've linked up some shoes here with just a hint of well as some that are full on bold snakeskin shoes! Either way, pairing them with something like this classy black bodycon midi dress from Femme Luxe - it's just $69.66 and it looks like a million bucks - is a perfect combo.

Black Belted Bodycon Midi Dress Angelica
Black Belted Bodycon Midi Dress Angelica

Snakeskin the 3rd way: full-on bodycon

Animal Snake Print Square Neck Strappy Midi Dress Carly

Now if you're ready to go bold, bold,'ve got to get yourself a snakeskin bodycon, like this Femme Luxe snake print strappy midi dress! It's it fabulous?? And it's just $31.26! Again, like with the other outfits you've seen above, I've styled it with solids only - no other busy patterns. Black and white are definitely the easiest 'colours' to style with snakeskin, so you can definitely start there. A pop of classic red works too!

Animal Snake Print Square Neck Strappy Midi Dress Carly
Animal Snake Print Square Neck Strappy Midi Dress Carly

Snakeskin the 4th way: the statement jacket

Animal Snake Print Biker Jacket Pearl

So needless to say, I found a whole bunch of awesome snakeskin items from Femme Luxe (so many good affordable finds!!)...including this snake print biker jacket! If most of your outerwear is feeling kind of blah, a fun statement jacket like this is the perfect way to spice things up. I paired it here with a simple strappy tank top and jeans. For a casual outfit, you could swap out the heels for a pair of bright white sneakers!

Animal Snake Print Biker Jacket Pearl
Animal Snake Print Biker Jacket Pearl

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Sneak Peek: Vancouver's First Ever Ted Baker Warehouse Sale

I'm not really obsessed with labels and brand names - at least not enough to usually shell out the cash for them...but I do love a good when an awesome warehouse sale comes to town, you can definitely count me in!

A couple of years ago, it was the Nordstrom Warehouse Sale, and now the Ted Baker Warehouse Sale has come to Vancouver for the first time, in partnership with Style Democracy! Two days before the doors open to the public, I stepped inside the giant warehouse space at Queensborough Landing Shopping Centre to shop the sale, and get some insider info on what designer goodies would be available when the sale went public. Thinking about checking out the sale? Here's everything you need to know:

What: The Ted Baker Warehouse Sale

When: April 11-14, 2019
            April 11 & 12: 11am-9pm
            April 13 & 14: 10am-6pm

Where: Queensborough Landing Shopping Centre
              Unit 58, 805 Boyd Street, Queensborough Landing
              New Westminster, BC

Why: Up to 80% off Ted Baker clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories for men & women

Gotta dress for the shopping spree! No jumpsuits or dresses today - I wanted something that would be easy to change in and out of. Comfortable shoes too. The 'change rooms' are essentially a large squared off area - one for men, one for women - with fabric walls all the way around. So just be ready for a group changing situation. 

Here's a sneak peek at the price lists. There are some serious steals here!! Ted Baker skirts are only $29.99. The cute little Ted Baker purses are $49.99. Daytime dresses are $69.99. Not bad, right??

The dress selection is killer! I had to remind myself of the Ted Baker sizing (which is very different from your standard sizing) - luckily there are handy charts on the wall. I'm generally a Ted Baker size 2 (the equivalent of about a regular size 4-6) and the selection was quite decent - size 3 had even more selection I noticed! The quality of Ted Baker dresses really is something else. So thick and luxe feeling. I can see why people would normally pay full price for these items. But hey, an 80% discount definitely seals the deal!

I ended up bringing home the skirt on the left. It's going to be so perfect for afternoon tea! Sadly, the dress on the left was just a tad too tight in the shoulders and bust. I couldn't find a bigger size at the time. IF SOMEONE SEES IT IN A SIZE 3 PLEASE BUY IT FOR ME AND I WILL PAY YOU BACK!!! That dress is absolutely stunning.

Here's a peek at the purse selection. Some adorable small purses with cute little Ted Baker bows, and some beautiful roller bags that would be so awesome for someone's work or travel needs. I ended up bringing home the two bags on the left.

The women's shoe section was a little small, but still some treasures to be bad. I love that Ted Baker signature style that you'll see in the navy heel below. In fact, I actually bought a similar pair in a floral print from the Nordstrom Warehouse Sale, and I just love the design. Those pointed floral sneakers were pretty fantastic too.

I was pretty tempted by all the adorable other accessories and 'extras' they had for sale - everything from Ted Baker fragrances and jewellery to tea cups and phone cases. I was so close to bringing home that tea cup set. It was only $5.99!!! Broke my heart to not buy it, but let's be honest, I have zero space for more tea stuff. But what a deal!

All in all, the deals at the Ted Baker Warehouse Sale are definitely worth checking out. I anticipate the lines to be long, so go with lots of patience, and I think you'll find some fancy new goodies to love!

Happy Shopping! xo

~ Britta

Friday, February 22, 2019

Winter Style: Retro Après-Ski Vibes

'Après' or 'Après Ski' has easily become one of the trendiest styles this winter. Before it became a chic trend though, it was really just meant to describe the time spent after a day on the ski hills (hopefully by a nice cozy fire, sipping a warm alcoholic beverage - see my post here for the perfect après ski drink). And now brands have dedicated themselves to coming up with the best clothing and accessories so you look incredibly stylish while celebrating the end of your day on the slopes...or just want to skip the slopes entirely and go straight for those après drinks!

I was doing some shopping at Queensborough Landing in New Westminster over the holidays, and came across this beautiful sweater and toque at the Tommy Hilfiger Outlet that to me just screamed vintage après ski vibes. Sooo so cozy, and I love that they're in the classic TH colours. Turns out, I actually had some TH socks at home that I picked up on Boxing Day a few years ago, so I added those to the look too. The nice thing about Tommy Hilfiger, is that if you buy things in their signature blue, red and white colours, you can easily add new, coordinating items over the years.

In case you hadn't noticed...I'm not exactly on a ski slope in the photos below. Sadly, I haven't had a chance to hit the slopes yet this winter, so for the purposes of showing you this outfit, we had to settle for the local skating rink instead!

If you're planning on hitting the slopes this winter (or just enjoying the 'après' cocktails), I've linked up more of my favourite (affordable) après ski styles at the end of this post.!

Gotta love a good candid with LegalLee Blonde!

Sweater - Tommy Hilfiger Outlet (at Queensborough Landing) | Hat - Tommy Hilfiger Outlet (at Queensborough Landing) | Socks - Tommy Hilfiger

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

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