Monday, October 12, 2015

Vancouver Fashion Week SS2016: Day 2

My second day at Vancouver Fashion Week's Spring/Summer 2016 shows made for an exciting evening of diverse designs, and new and old favourites. Atelier Grandi, Canella Hostal Couture, Vivano Sue, TKC Designs, and Maaji Swimwear all shined on the runway- keep reading below to see the best of each collection and a quick recap!

On the runway with the wonderful Tina of Sidebuy in between shows!

Atelier Grandi:

It's been such a please to watch Atelier Grandi over many seasons at Vancouver Fashion Week; each collection has Grandy's signature polished, refined, classy and elegant, and yet there is always a fabulous new theme to each collection that makes it so unique. This season's collection, Serpentine, featured snake and metallic detailing- a flashy departure from her usual style, but the style of the dresses is what gave the designs their signature polish. Every single dress was stunning in its own right!

Viviano Sue:

This is a designer I had not had the chance to see before, and felt incredibly satisfied after seeing the runway show. There were so many examples of perfectly executed layers and draping- and what I thought looked like inkblot-inspired prints were incredibly eye-catching! The collection paints the life-story of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, and the focus on white was meant to convey and symbolize a clean slate from which to build up the collection.

Canella Hostal Couture:

This was one of my surprise favourites of the day! The burst of orange was so refreshing, and I absolutely loved all the fun prints. The skirt on the right was particularly unique. The small folded pieces of fabric all moved individually as the skirt swayed, giving an interesting range of motion as the model walked the runway. Between that skirt and the flowing robe on the left, it was a bright and fun collection that really embodies what spring and summer should be all about!

TKC Designs:

This collection aims to do more than just look pretty. TKC Designs is all about using the collection to empower women. Designer Taranjit K. Cheema wants to shed light on the unreported rape cases in India, where victims feel ashamed and remain silent out of fear of being shunned by their community.

Maaji Swimwear:

Firstly, I have to say, the styling of this runway show was fantastic! The vintage suitcases, comfy blankets, tourist camera and headbands added perfectly to the overall theme of the designs. The 'Rhapsody Road' collection brought us along for their road trip with their youthful fun and flirty designs. Lots of mix and matching prints- and my personal favourite- plenty of the bralette style tops (such a great retro style!). Now if only I could get one of those adorable blanket and holder straps to go with the bikini...road trip, anyone?

Thanks to Ed Ng Photography for the runway photos!

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Vancouver Fashion Week SS2016: Opening Gala

Just as soon as it starts to feel like fall is in the air, you know Vancouver Fashion Week is just around the corner! Back in it's usual venue at the Chinese Cultural Centre, it definitely did feel back at home. The Opening Gala is always the best opportunity to get a quick peek at one of each designer's pieces- if you're picking which shows to see during the week, your best bet is to catch this show.

My personal favourites I'm looking forward to this week? Atelier Grandi, Connally McDougall, Alex S. Yu, Green Embassy, Seafolly, and Jackson Rowe. But I'm always up for some surprise favourites too! below. I love seeing a designer's collection for the first time, not knowing what to expect.

Stay tuned and I'll have my favourites from Day 2 of Vancouver Fashion Week coming your way soon!

Outfit: Blouse - Loft 82 (thrifted) | Necklace - Paloma Sanchez | Ring - Nobis & Grey | Pants - May & Jules (via Blogger Closet Sale) | Heels - Vince Camuto (thrifted via Value Village)

Makeup: Eyeliner - Cargo TexasLiner (via London Drugs) | Lipstick - NYX Soft Matte Cream in Copenhagen (via London Drugs)

The adorable entertainers for the evening! 

The Style By Fire teaming rocking adorable full skirts (left to right: Aurora Chan & Miranda Sam in Alex S. Yu, Vicky Duong)

Designer: Canella Hostal Couture

Designer: Alex S. Yu

Designer: TKC Design Inc.

Designer: Green Embassy

Designer: Ana Luisa Barros

Designer: Maaji Swimwear

Thanks to Ed Ng Photography for the runway photos!

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Hair Pampering with La Biosethetique

Now that my hair is shorter now, it actually seems to grow a lot faster than the glacial pace it used to...which means I'm finding myself in the hair salon more than usual now (meaning more than one a year!). Eco Fashion Week and La Biothetique offered us the chance to try out their services at their Vancouver flagship salon, Black 2 Blond, so I thought I'd gift it a try when it was time to refresh my haircut.

From start to finish, the experience was so much more than just a regular hair cut appointment. Hairstylist Sara Burke walked me through the salon, and sat down with me for a short consultation. A small tray awaited me while I relaxed in a comfy lounge chair- a towel, hydrating body milk, and herbal tea to enjoy. Sara conducted a specialized scalp test to see how dry my scalp was- pretty normal, apparently. If your test showed something more dry or oily, there'd be some specific products she could recommend to combat it.

I always love getting my hair washed at the salon; I'm sure I'm not the only one who could use a good head massage! But what I'm not used to is a super relaxing hot towel on my scalp: seriously, this should be waiting for me when I get out of the shower everyday. After that, Sara gave me the option of two aromatic oils for the scalp: one for relaxing, one for energizing. With a full day ahead, I figured the energizing one would be best. It smelled amazing! Then, just when I was already blissful and feeling recharged, Sara gave me the most awesomely relaxing head, shoulder, and back massage. Talk about a mini spa trip disguised as a hair cut appointment!

Sara even walked me through how to get the beachy wave look myself at home, and suggested a few products that might help me re-create it on my own (because we all know it seems impossible to do that after leaving the salon!). I decided on the La Biosthetique Powder Spray and Styling Spray.

Just when I was happy to head out with my new 'do, the Black 2 Blond team offered to give me a complimentary make-up touch-up. They picked out the perfect orange/red lipstick to pair with my dress, touched up my brows and cheeks, and then I was ready take on the rest of the day!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Fall Beauty Must-Haves

Today I wanted to share with you some of my beauty must-haves for the fall season, many of which were inspired by the board you saw in my post here. Maybe it's because we had quite a long and hot summer this year, but I was mentally getting into the mood for fall pretty early on, and I ended up putting together a list of products I'd already begun to eye in the drugstore.

You'll see lots of those products below, combined with some other fall finds Beauty YouTuber Gerry from The Bunnie Hole introduced to me to during our recent London Drugs Beauty Video collab. You can watch the video here (coming soon!) to see what other beauty products Gerry is excited about for fall!

Keep reading below to see where you can find all the products featured. To make it easy on your wallet, everything here can be found London Drugs!

Mauve, Grey, Muted Nails

Subtle Blush & Strobing

Berry, Vampy Lips

Smoky & Graphic Eyes

Annabelle EyeInk Liquid Eyeliner Duo (coming soon to London Drugs!)

Prestige Velvety Smoky Eye Pencil (coming soon to London Drugs!)

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fall Beauty Inspiration

Just like fall clothing, I can't help but get all crazy excited about changing up my beauty from summer to fall. Do I love my bright summer lipsticks and liners? Of course, but change is always nice after months of the same-old looks.

Matching my current fall fashion colour obsession with camel, navy and wine, I am searching out wine-toned lipsticks like there's no tomorrow. Vampy and berry lip shades have been at the top of my fall beauty shopping list, in everything from matte lipsticks to cream formulas and glosses. That and I'm very much looking forward to doing more with my eye make-up than just a simple cat-eye. Time to pull out the neutral/brown eye shadow palettes! And of course, it wouldn't be fall without a sultry smoky it's time to stock up on lots of soft, smudge-able pencil liners to achieve that look.

Based on the inspiration board you'll see below, I've also compiled a list of beauty must-haves, which I'll be sharing with you next week. That way, you'll know exactly what products you'll need to try out these inspiring looks!

What beauty trend are you most looking forward to this fall?

 (Left to right, top to bottom): 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

Friday, September 4, 2015

Eco-Luxury Boutique The Closet YVR Launches in Vancouver

I first met Helen Siwak of The Closet YVR when she kindly helped me style the cast of Hamlet last year. It's truly amazing to see her incredible collection of thrifted luxury goods finally find a much-deserved home in Gastown: a big step from what used to be an all-online shop!

The Closet YVR is an eco-luxury boutique that carries not only designer fashion resale, but also local eco-friendly products and fashions. Mixed among the shoes, scarves and beautiful dresses are all-natural soaps and straight-from-the-runway designs from local fashion talents. Her pre-loved designer items are definitely worth perusing; you'll find everything from Dior to Gucci and more. The shop will even offer personal eco-styling services and wardrobe consultations from Lead In-House Stylist Dominique Hanke.

And it doesn't stop there, every month, The Closet YVR will host pop-up shops in the boutique, giving more local designers and artisans a chance to have their products available for you to shop!

The most adorable Valentino blazer in plaid (of course, it's an obsession) caught my eye while I took a look through the racks of luxury clothes; check it out below, I feel like it's the perfect transitional piece for fall, no? 

If you're in the Gastown area in Vancouver, pop by the boutique at 360 Carrall St, say hello to Helen and check out the beautifully curated collection of eco luxury fashion! The Closet YVR is open from Monday to Saturday, 11am-6pm, or by appointment on Sundays.

With founder of The Closet YVR, Helen Siwak, in an Armani dress & Bulgari pendant from Modaselle

Me & You Body vegan soap & La Cigale personal grooming products 

Vegan treats for the VIP guests & handmade Eco Monsters by Bracken Hanke

Handmade pendants by Tracey Tomtene in silver, pewter & copper: who needs the 'Do Epic Shit' one??

Armani hat, Ted Lapidus scarf, Missoni maxi dress, JC de Castelbajac Pluie tote

'Gassy Jack' made a pit stop by the store too, although he chilled on the floor more than he shopped...

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

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