Monday, May 22, 2017

The Shoes I Wear When I'm Not Wearing Heels

Heels are wonderful. They give us that extra boost of height, add length to our legs, give us a killer strut, and take any outfit from casual to chic. I love my heels. But here's the thing, we know they're not always comfortable, and for lots of daily activities, they're just not the best choice.

I was out this past Friday for a friend's birthday; we went out for the evening, danced and were out late. And I wore heels the whole night. The next day, I woke up to realize that two of my toes were partially numb!! Having never experienced this before, I was mildly terrified, and turned to the internet of course to self-diagnose..turns out it's a pretty common symptom of wearing heels for extended periods of time. Pretty crazy, that most women have just accepted this as a bi-product of wearing heels. The reason this has never happened to me before is that I'm usually pretty good about bringing flats along with me to change into later in the evening, or I stash some sneakers in my car so I can change to drive (especially important when driving standard like my car).

Anyways, all to say, it's a small reminder to treat your feet well, and while I'm not swearing off heels anytime soon, it's certainly a good idea to have some comfortable footwear on-hand. SKYE Footwear, a Vancouver-based brand recently offered to let me try out The Lons, their loafer-sneaker, and they have become my go-to for casual days or for switching out of heels part way through the day. The 'modern mariner' style of The Lons looks great with anything from jeans to joggers, and personally from someone who is not a big fan of running shoes, these have become the bridge to athleisure footwear for me. A few years ago, I wouldn't have been caught dead on the streets of Vancouver in 'athleisure'-wear, but this chic take on the sneaker is definitely my style. And seriously, they're contoured perfectly to my feet and feel like I'm walking on clouds.

PLUS, the other awesome thing about SKYE Footwear is that they are sustainable! (and you know here at Vancouver Vogue, eco-friendly brands are our fave!) All their shoes and packaging products are designed to be minimum-use, are animal-free, and every effort is made to be biodegradable and recyclable - helping to reduce their carbon footprint. The shoe's uppers are made of man-made materials, which have a lower carbon impact than natural materials, and the SKYE impact + rebound insole and outsole are 100% biodegradable! The SKYE Foam outsole is also 100% recyclable.

Below I'm showing you how I style my pair of The Lons - they're perfect for my more casual days running around town. You can check out this Instagram post for another styled outfit featuring The Lons as well!

If you're loving these sneakers as much as I am, you can snatch yourself a pair with the code vancouver_vogueSKYE for 15% off!

Sweatshirt - Brunette the Label | Jeans - Simons | Sunglasses - Ilymix via JewelryBean | Shoes - c/o SKYE Footwear 

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

Disclaimer: SKYE Footwear provided the shoes featured in this post for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

Monday, May 15, 2017

High Waisted Pants & Crop Tops

In case you've just started following Vancouver Vogue, there's one thing you should know: I am utterly obsessed with maracons. That little parisian sweet, a sandwich of meringue with a light delicious filling, is not only the most Instagrammable treat, but is also my favourite dessert. In fact, I not only have a book of Laduree macaron recipes and a Laduree macaron keychain, but I now have two shirts with adorable macaron prints, including the crop top I'm wearing here, and this adorable blouse!

I spotted this cropped macaron print tee while at Value Village a few weeks back. I have hawk eyes when it comes to anything macaron, obviously. I was even more gleeful when I saw the tag - Jennyfer is a French brand I remember from when I visited France back in high school! Perfectly fitting for a shirt covered in macarons, non? Jennyfer is sort of like a Forever 21 type store there. We don't have any of their store locations in North America, so this was definitely a special find for me - just goes to show you never know what you'll find at Value Village.

I've started developing quite the collection of crop tops over the past year, but I didn't have any high waisted jeans to pair with them, so I went on the hunt at Winners recently, and ended up finding these Rachel Roy ones. They're super comfy: very stretchy and just the right height in the waist. I wasn't comfortable wearing my crop tops with my regular low waist jeans, so these are going to get a lot of use now!

Since it looks like sunny spring days are more plentiful now, I've been pulling out sunglasses a whole lot more too. One more accessory to style, yay! If you're on the hunt for a new pair, check out these super chic Flat Front Metal Aviator Sunglasses in Gold Pink from Ilymix. I love the pink mirrored lenses - they go great with lots of my spring outfits. If you want a pair too, you can use the code vogue20 for 20% off your Ilymix sunnies!

Is there a print you're totally obsessed with right now? I'd love to hear what it is!

Top - Jennyfer (via Value Village) | Jeans - Rachel Roy (via Winners) | Purse - Kate Spade | Sunglasses - Ilymix | Bracelet - Birchbox | Shoes - H&M (via Value Village)

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

Friday, May 12, 2017

The Hair Extension Virgin

Hair extensions were never something I contemplated trying until I chopped off my long hair a couple years back. I lived most of my life with long hair, and was pretty used to being able to do anything with it: crazy long sleek ponytails, top knots, buns, and all kinds of braids. Once I cut my hair though, I found myself pinning pretty long-haired styles on Pinterest before realizing "oh...well that won't work anymore..."

Best Hair Store was kind enough to let me try out clip-in hair extensions for the very first time, and it's been pretty exciting and freeing to have all kinds of new hairstyles at my fingertips once again! With my blunt bob, it's definitely a bit of a challenge to blend the extensions when wearing them down, but I've found they still work very well for all kinds of hairstyles, like the long braid you see below, and high sleek ponytails (which are the kinds of styles I was interested in trying extensions with in the first place anyway!).

I ended up choosing these clip-in extensions in Silky Straight Virgin Remy Hair in 120g, which are 18 inches long. Some quick research told me that 'remy' means it's the finest quality of human hair, because all the hair cuticles are intact and placed in the same direction (giving them the most natural look), and a weight of 120g was better for thin hair like mine. They're just the right thickness, are super soft, and haven't gotten tangled at all.

Also: how perfectly do these extensions match my natural hair colour?? Being my first time ordering them, I was pretty worried that the hairs were going to be entirely the wrong shade. I've heard of people paying to get their extensions dyed to match their hair colour, but I had my fingers crossed that they would be a match when they arrived. Luckily, they were spot on! The ones I'm wearing below are in the colour #613 Light Blonde.

My kind friend Leeanne of Legallee Blonde was willing to show me how to put the hair extensions in properly (thanks Leeanne!). One really great tip she shared is that the extensions should never be placed higher than your ears, so most of the extension pieces should fall pretty low on your head. Also, doing some teasing along each section before you clip in the extensions made a big difference keeping them in place, especially with my thin hair.

Check out the photos below to see the before and after. Which do you prefer? I think they're such a fun way to switch up your hairstyle without waiting years to grow out your hair! If you're looking for some reasonably priced virgin remy hair extensions, Best Hair Store is definitely worth checking out.

Happy (Hair) Styling! xo

~ Britta

Disclaimer: Best Hair Store provided the hair extensions mentioned in this post for review. Opinions are entirely my own!

Monday, May 8, 2017

The Must-Have Spring Blouse

There are some clear trends this spring when it comes to shirts: off-the-shoulder, bell-sleeves, and tie-sleeves couldn't be hotter right now. Some people aren't crazy about off-the-shoulder tops because they can be somewhat uncomfortable, and bell-sleeves can be a bit too over-the-top for some. Of all three trends, the tie-sleeves is definitely the easiest to wear, which is why I wanted to share this particular style with you today.

I wanted to share with you where I got this particular tie-blouse, because let me tell you, it's not somewhere I ever would have gone looking for this shirt! I was recently at a shopping event for Coquitlam Centre hosted by some blogger friends Bree of The Urban Umbrella and Krystin Tysire of Girl in Betsy. They had curated some awesome capsule collections which were on display for everyone to peruse, featuring clothing and accessories found at stores in the Coquitlam Centre mall! There were quite a few cute items that caught my eye, including an adorable pink rain coat and my favourite Brunette the Label sweatshirts (I need the 'Blonde' sweatshirt in my life). Turns out, all those items just happened to be from Below the Belt! Do any of you remember Below the Belt?? I remember it being a popular store for teens back in the late 90's and early 2000's, but haven't really heard of it since then. I certainly never thought of them as a place to go for on-trend styles for a mid-20-something like me.

I ended up going to Below the Belt after the event, to check out the rest of what the store had, and that's when I found this sweet blouse with the ties! It even has a row of buttons down the back for extra detail. It pairs great with jeans for a more casual vibe like you'll see below, or you can dress it up for work with dress pants and pumps.

So the next time you're at the mall, and if there's a Below the Belt on the directory, give it a browse! They might just surprise you.

PS. I've been wearing these sunglasses for three weeks straight - aren't they cool?? I love that they're 100% mirrored, and the wire frame is pretty eye-catching. I've been seeing them all over Instagram since I got them. If you want your own pair of Double Crossbar Metal Pantos Aviator Sunglasses, you can use the code vogue20 for 20% off at Ilymix!

Shirt - Below the Belt | Sunglasses - Ilymix | Necklace - c/o Nobis & Grey | Jeans - Rachel Roy via Winners | Purse - Gap (thrifted via Value Village) | Shoes - Adidas Stan Smith (via Need Supply)

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

Friday, May 5, 2017

Mother's Day Mini Spa Day at Home

Still trying to figure out how to wow mom and spend some quality time together for Mother's Day? Keep on reading! I love doing mini spa days on any given weekend: it's a nice way to decompress and take some 'me time' from the comfort of my home. So I thought hey, why not fancy it up a bit and do something similar for Mother's Day? After all, I bet mom could use some R&R too.

Want to do your own mini spa day for Mother's Day, here's some things to have on-hand:
  1. Mimosas
  2. Loose leaf tea (I love TWG Tea's Tea Party)
  3. Set of tea cups & tea pot
  4. A stack of the latest magazines
  5. Macarons, earl grey scones & cucumber sandwiches 
  6. Sheet masks (try For Beloved One or From Beloved Girl)
  7. Small rolled towels
  8. Toe Spacers
  9. A selection of nail polish colours and top coat
I thought it would be fun to do afternoon tea-inspired drinks and eats for a Mother's Day spa day. Cute little macarons from Laduree, some homemade earl grey scones, and of course the best tea. I really love TWG Tea's Tea Party, it's a favourite alongside Little White House Co.'s Cream of Earl Grey. If you want some ideas of cute and fashionable eats, you can also check out this post and this post to see some of my past afternoon-tea inspired parties. Also, have a selection of nail polishes on hand to choose from, some magazines to peruse (and commentate on vocally, of course).

It wouldn't be a spa day without some face masks too! I've been using For Beloved One's Hyaluronic Acid GHK-Cu Moisturizing Bio-Cellulose Masks and For Beloved Girl Extreme Moisture Mineral Cloud-Silk Masks on some of my weekend at-home spa days, and they're great! The Bio-Cellulose mask has the strangest (read: coolest) texture I've ever seen in a mask. It's not the usual fabric feel: it's very hard to explain - you need to try it to see what I mean! Unlike regular sheet masks, it's made of nano-scale organic fibres produced by compound microorganism bacteria fermentation. Sounds intriguing right?? So cool. I really liked how it felt when I took the mask off too, it doesn't leave too much residue behind, and skin feels super hydrated and supple. I've never used that word before seriously, but it's exactly how my skin felt! If you want something a little more familiar, the Cloud-Silk masks would be a good choice for your spa day. They have that thin woven fabric-feel that a lot of sheet masks have. I like this one better than most though; it's super thin, so that it barely feels like it's on your face! It's definitely the most comfortable face mask I've tried.

It might be a good idea to have a few choices of face masks on-hand, so mom can choose the one she likes best (unless you already know which one that is!). Once you've decided on a face mask you want to use, follow the directions for applying it, then sit back, relax, pick up your mimosas and cheers!

Take a look below for a closer look at the face masks, and everything else for your mini spa day at home. Hope you all enjoy your Mother's Day with the fabulous and inspirational women in your life!

For Beloved Girl Extreme Moisture Mineral Cloud-Silk Mask

For Beloved One Hyaluronic Acid GHK-Cu Moisturizing Bio-Cellulose Mask

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

Monday, May 1, 2017

Eco Fashion Week: 81 Pound Challenge

My favourite part of Eco Fashion Week is always the Value Village runway shows. Their 81 Pound Challenge aims to bring awareness to the amount of clothing waste we make each year, and shows just what can be done with that waste through upcycling! Every year, the average person throws away 81 pounds of textiles. That's a massive amount! The really concerning part is that just a few years ago, it used to be called the 68 Pound Challenge, but new statistics have been released since then showing that number has continued to rise.

Evan Biddell, the winner of Project Runway Canada Season 1 was the designer tasked with creating an entire runway show from the 81 pounds of clothes this year. Take a look below to see his incredible eco-friendly creations! I've included photos from the Toronto Women's Fashion Week runway show from earlier this year, since Vancouver's showcase did not include a full runway show of Evan's collection. Instead, Eco Fashion Week displayed the 81 Pound Challenge in a unique setting at the Museum of Vancouver, which allowed guests to get up close and personal with each piece, to see how it was constructed! Isn't it inspiring to see what he was able to create with all those old garments?

While at Eco Fashion Week this year, I was very grateful to have the opportunity to share my eco-friendly thrifting hacks with ET Canada's host Erin Cebula, as part of their coverage of Eco Fashion Week in Vancouver. Click to watch the video below, and maybe you'll pick up a few tips for the next time you're thrifting at Value Village!

Again, I also wanted to show my Eco Fashion Week outfit, entired thrifted from my favourite thrift stores, Value Village and Salvation Army. All the details are below!

Coat - Zara $39.99 (via Salvation Army)
Jumpsuit - Zara $13.99 (via Salvation Army)
Blouse - Loft 82 $8.99 (via Value Village)
Heels - Call It Spring $12.99 (via Value Village)
              Purse - Aldo $12.99 (via Value Village)            
Total = $88.95

[ runway photos by Jonathan Hooper ]

Happy (Eco) Styling! xo

~ Britta
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