Monday, August 27, 2018

Making the Slow Transition to Fall Fashion

As a summer baby, I will always love summer. Especially in Vancouver. With the exception of the haze we've had recently due to wildfires, it's been a pretty good summer. I could happily drink Aperol Spritz on a patio pretty much every day, and I've always had a soft spot for cute summer dresses. But the closer the days creep towards September, I do start to feel the call of the fall season, and to be honest, I'm not fighting it. The thought of crisp fall days spent in cozy cashmere sweaters sipping a glass of red wine do seem pretty appealing.

And so I've willing started the slow transition into fall fashion. Now, I say slow, because here in Vancouver it'll likely still be quite warm right through September. But I've started to add a bit more fall colour to my wardrobe at least, at this point.

I picked out this tie-detail dress from SheIn, and at $13.00, it was definitely an affordable find. I must say when it arrived though, I wasn't totally sold on it. The sleeves seemed a bit awkward, and the fit a bit frumpy, but oddly enough when it came the time to actually shoot this look, I actually totally fell in love with this dress! The colours really do compliment each other so nicely: the white, black, orange and green. Sometimes, it just takes me a while to see a clothing item's potential. And the black heels to match definitely gives the impression that bright summer colours are in my rearview mirror.

It is still summer though, so I pulled out my brand new prescription sunglasses from Clearly, which I bought recently. The brand/style I picked is the Kam Dhillon Schiffer-55. These are my first-ever pair of prescription sunglasses, and while I feel a bit old for needing them, I must say I am so excited to have them finally. I can actually see things far away again! Without having to squint with my regular glasses on - especially when driving! These frames are actually a pair of glasses frames, but Clearly can easily add sunglass lenses to a bunch of their regular frames. I love the slightly cat-eye shape.

Finally, I finished off the look with my favourite boat hat from Forever 21. The straw material has a definite summer look, but the black ribbon ties it all together with the fall colour scheme.

Hmm, I can almost taste the Pumpkin Spice Lattes now...

Dress - c/o SheIn | Hat - Forever 21 (similar) | Sunglasses - CAN: Clearly/USA: Coastal | Heels - Target

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

Friday, August 17, 2018

Happy National Thrift Shop Day!

As an avid thrifter, National Thrift Shop Day is basically my favourite holiday. Ok, that may be taking it a bit too far - Christmas and Halloween are still in the lead - but I still love Thrift Shop Day.

Naturally, I thought I would celebrate with a trip to my favourite Value Village - the one on Hastings, for those in Vancouver. You can head over to my Instagram Stories right now to follow along during my thrifting trip there. You'll see some of the awesome finds I came across, as well as some thrifting tips along the way.

It's actually been a while since I've been thrifting. In the meantime, I've been compiling quite a big bag of donations: clothes and even some mugs and glasses that we just don't have space for. The best part of taking those into Value Village finally? A discount on my shopping trip! Woohoo!

I did pretty well during this trip. I usually try not to go in with high expectations, because I feel like that sort of sets you up for failure. You never know what you're going to find in a thrift store, which is great, but it also means you can end up walking away with nothing. That's why I like to go thrifting as often as I can though - it ups your chances! At the end of my trip, I ended up with:

  1. A Wilfred Chevalier jacket (I paid: $19.99, but it's worth: $225)
  2. A Mustard Seed dress (I paid: $13.49)
  3. A Forever 21 trench (I paid: $17.99)
  4. A Zara ruffle top (I paid: $8.49)
  5. A pair of shearling lined boots (I paid:$13.99)

I'm sure you can tell by the breakdown above that my most valuable find was the Wilfred Chevalier jacket. It's funny because I've literally only shopped at Artizia once in my life, but living in Vancouver, it's basically impossible not to be familiar with their clothes. I've seen these Chevalier jackets re-sold on Facebook selling groups enough times to know I'd found something pretty coveted. And when I went to run my hands along the fabric, I could see why. It definitely has a heavy, silky texture to it that you just can't help but love. And it hands beautifully when on. The one I found it juuuuust a tad small (it's a size 2, and I think a 4 would be a bit roomier on me), but I think it'll be fine, as it has some stretch to it.

But my favourite find of the day goes to the stunning red pleated Mustard Seed dress I ended up finding by a stroke of luck. I just happened to see the voluminous skirt peeking out from a rack, and even though the rack was labelled as size 9/10 dresses (and I'm usually a 6), I gravitated towards it to pull it off the rack. Right away, I could tell it was definitely not a size 9 or 10. And when I saw the Mustard Seed label, with a size 'Medium' on the tag, I had a real good feel it was going to fit like a glove. That's the trouble with clothes that are labelled as 'Medium' - every brand sizes their clothing differently, and that makes it extra hard when staff are trying to find out what rack to put an item on. So that's why I always recommend checking other racks outside of your usual size, just so you don't miss out on an item that could be your size.

As I mentioned above, I try not to go into a thrift store with any expectations, but I did tell myself to try and come home with some fall items, instead of more summer stuff. Which is why I'm pretty proud I ended up snagging that Forever 21 trench and the shearling boots! Definitely not summer items. I know the trench isn't some some fancy brand, but I like how the trench drapes, and I could use a trench in grey. And the boots caught my eye because the heel was fairly low and thick, so they'll be easy to walk in, even in the snow this winter. Look at me, thinking two seasons ahead!!

There were also lots of great brands I came across that didn't make the cut for me, but it was exciting to find them nonetheless. Like a pair of Rock and Republic ankle boots, a LaFayette 148 skirt which looked to be valued at about $300, a cute Calvin Klein dress, and I was also happy to see that Simons clothes are starting to trickle into the store (after the first West Coast store opened in North Vancouver a couple years ago).

All in all, a successful thrifting trip! And the best part of all? My shopping left no mark on the environment! I created no demand for new clothes to be made, and yet I have a bunch of 'new' clothes that I'm exciting to add to my wardrobe. Did I mention everything I took home only totalled $80?? Not bad at all!

I'd love to hear your best thrifted finds, and your best thrifting tips! Feel free to share in the comments below :)

Happy Thrifting! xo

~ Britta

Thanks to Value Village for providing a gift card to support my Thrift Shop Day shopping spree!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

A Dressed-Up Outfit with Shorts? Yes it's Possible!

Full disclosure: I am not the biggest fan of shorts. Sure, if I was 6 feet tall and had super long legs, I probably would be, but I've just never felt shorts have really done my legs any favours. But, I must say, if there's one style of shorts I'm more likely to be's shorts with a scallop hem! Why? Because they're just so adorable! I thrifted these ones from Value Village, but I've linked up a few pairs of similar ones at the end of this post. And they also look a lot dressier than your average everyday pair of shorts. So I thought today I'd put together a classy shorts outfit with this new pair of not-my-enemy shorts.

I wouldn't normally wear heels with shorts, as I don't like the look of jean shorts with heels...but with a dressier pair of shorts, I think they can work well. Especially if they're in a nude-type colour, like the light pink ones I'm wearing here. They help to mitigate my main issue with shorts by elongating the look of my legs.

To balance out the look, I recommend going with a looser fitting top - in this case, a floral Kimono blouse from SheIn. While these shorts are skin tight at least, they're still obviously fitted, and show off plenty of leg, so I like to balance that out. This kimono top is super cute, and only $9!!!

And just like that! I'm ready for Happy Hour drinks on a fancier patio. What do you think? Can shorts ever be considered 'dressy' in your book? I'm not saying they'll pass for a cocktail-attire wedding, but I think they can go a lot further than the beach or bar!

Top - c/o SheIn | Shorts - TopShop (thrifted via Value Village), similar | Heels - Target

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The Universally Flattering Summer Romper

If you had asked me how I felt about wearing rompers out in public a year ago, I would've said that's a hard 'no'. But apparently 2018 is the year of the romper for me! You may have caught this red crochet romper I wore here, and now I'm sharing a new favourite: this floral bell-sleeved romper from Tobi.

I'm really excited to show you this particular romper, because I genuinely believe it's a style that's universally flattering! Here's why:

  1. The wrap around-style neckline is flattering on bigger as well as smaller chests. The tie around the waist (more on that below) makes it easy to pull the neckline tighter for a smaller chest, or leave as-is if you need more room.
  2. The tie waist means you can adjust how much you want to cinch the waist.
  3. The shorts are flowy and loose, which I think look far more flattering than tight shorts (those just aren't as forgiving!). The little ruffle trim doesn't hurt either - it's so cute!!
  4. The long, bell-sleeves keep the clothing-to-skin ratio even (show some skin on bottom, cover up a bit on top - or vice versa).
  5. We all know black is a universally flattering colour: that's why I love that the base of this floral print is black!

If you want a full-out flattering look, it also helps to match your shoes to your skintone. I am totally obsessed with these light pink heels from Target (similar). They're pretty close to my skintone, so they really give my legs an elongated look (and at 5'5", I don't mind a little added height!).

Is there a piece of clothing in your closet that you think would be universally flattering? I'd love to hear what it is - share in the comments below!

Romper - c/o Tobi | Heels - Target (similar)

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Refreshing Your Wardrobe (The Affordable Way)

I don't like to break the bank when refreshing my wardrobe, so there's two main ways I avoid splurging: thrift shopping, and keeping an eye out online for great deals. One of the shops I always keep an eye out for online is Tobi. I've snagged some fantastic deals on their site in the past (they often have 50% off sales), and I'm was always impressed when they arrived in the mail. This Tobi off-the-shoulder dress, for instance, was originally $78, but is actually 50% off right now (!!), at $39! For that price, I was really impressed by the quality. And aren't those bell sleeves and the front tie tassels so fun? Quick styling tip: I recommend using some fashion tape, on the front closure, just to ensure everything stays put.

I've always been a bit iffy on white dresses - I'm not going to lie. A big reason for that is I'm basically white as a ghost myself. It just doesn't seem that exciting to pair white with white - HA! But....after getting my very first sunless tan from Vita Liberata (more on that this Friday - stay tuned!), I was feeling even better about my decision to pick this Tobi off-the-shoulder dress! This has actually become my favourite new dress for the summer, and I'll likely be wearing it for Diner en Blanc this year as well!

My sandals are thrifted from Value Village - another way that I easily refresh my wardrobe without breaking the bank. I was in need of a wedge sandal that was low enough to walk in for longer distances. This pair was just worn in enough to be suuuuper comfy, but still in great looking condition. That's another reason why I love buying thrifted items: I feel like if that item has clearly stood the test of time until now, chances are it will hold up well after I buy it. It's a bit more reassuring honestly, compared to when I buy new. And at $5.99, they were a killer deal! If you need a couple new pairs of summer shoes, it's definitely worth checking out the aisles of your local thrift store first, before hitting the mall.

Dress - c/o Tobi | Hat - Forever 21 | Necklace - c/o Nobis & Grey | Heels - thrifted via Value Village

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

This Summer is All About the Bodysuit

While they're incredibly impractical for bathroom breaks...I can't help but get on the bodysuit bandwagon right now. They're absolutely everywhere right now, and come in literally every colour and style imaginable. Isn't this SheIn lace crochet bodysuit just the sweetest? There's a lot going on here - with the crochet, plunge front, low back, and bell sleeves, but somehow I think it all works together.

Today, I thought I'd go for some 'island vibes' with a palm leaf print skirt from SheIn, my all-time-favourite laser cut heels, and this suuuuuuuper cute flamingo clutch I just picked up from Old Navy. It was 40% off - what a steal! Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it's that much on sale anymore, but it's still an affordable find. And who can say no to those adorable little flamingos? If you're in the midst of a flamingo obsession like I am right now, just a heads up, there are string lights at Dollarama right now for $4!! This whole outfit is really a steal, though. The bodysuit is $21, the skirt is only $9, and the clutch is $24: just $54 for all that!

I don't think I'll be travelling far this summer, but luckily Vancouver actually has some palm trees by the beach so I can just pretend I'm on some tropical least for the purposes of this outfit. Are you headed anywhere hot this summer?

Bodysuit - c/o SheIn | Necklace - Stella & Dot | Skirt - c/o SheIn | Purse - Old Navy | Heels - JustFab (similar)

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

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