Thursday, May 28, 2015

Value Village Menswear Challenge

I must say, when Elizabeth from The Style Saver wanted to challenge us to style a thrifted menswear item as a dress, I thought it was going to be a breeze! Little did I know... how insanely hard it would be!

I searched high and low for hours in Value Village, piling XL shirts, blazers, jackets, t-shirts into my cart, trying on every single one, only to realize in vain that all of them were too short. My plan to take a massive shirt and just cinch it with a belt was not looking like a viable option any more. I just looked like I was wearing my boyfriend's shirt with no pants on...not exactly the look we were going for!

And then all of a sudden, it clicked! I thought to myself, wait, why am I limiting myself to wearing it as it was intended to be worn? As a shirt? So I unbuttoned the XL Tommy Hilfiger dress shirt, adjusted the neckline, and tied the sleeves in a bow: voila! I mastered the bow tieing a bit better once I had gotten home and watched a few Youtube tutorials.

I was relieved to hear when Elizabeth said she had had just as much trouble as I did finding the right shirt. In fact, you can read all about her experience and get her outfit details on The Style Saver (she'll explain why her "dress" turned into a shirt!). You can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter too, to see more of her awesome thrifted finds!

So? How do you think we fared? Did we beat the challenge?

Vest - Forever 21 | Shirt dress - Tommy Hilfiger (thrifted via Value Village) | Necklace - Stella & Dot | Purse - JustFab | Hat - H&M

Photography by Christian Nambayan

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fashion Inspiration: Nautical Style

Every year for the May long weekend, we go boating with friends of ours up the BC coast. It's always one of the most highly anticipated trips of the year for me: a chance to fully unplug from daily life, relax, spend time with friends and the bf...and in nautical style, of course!

Below you'll find my must-haves for a nautical summer look, many items of which I've already picked up for my upcoming trip! Stripes, linen, coral and gold will all play a big part of my boating outfits- of course, with the weather here always uncertain, it's important to have a good variety of tanks, sweaters and jackets, so you're prepared no matter what.

For beauty, I want to keep my warm-weather routine simplified, so I found a BB cream, blush and lipstick that would keep my face looking refreshed without over-doing it. I searched high and low for the perfect BB cream for my insanely pale complexion; as we get closer to summer, a lightweight tinted moisturizer with SPF is a must. A dusting of coral blush and a swipe of vivid lipstick from London Drugs will keep the look flush! Oh, and I can't forget that John Frieda Beach Blonde Salt Spray...smells like summer in a bottle, and gives the perfect beachy waves.

I'll definitely be posting my outfits once I'm back, so stay tuned for more summer style inspiration!

1 - Tobi | 2 - H&M | 3 - John Frieda (via London Drugs) | 4 - Carnet de Mode | 5 - H&M | 6 - Polo Ralph Lauren | 7 - Vero Moda | 8 - Forever 21 | 9 - Maybelline (via London Drugs) | 10 - Sears | 11 - Nine West | 12 - Ever New | 13 - Cargo in Laguna (via London Drugs) | 14 - Betsey Johnson | 15 - Tarte (via Sephora) | 16 - Jones New York | 17 - Old Navy | 18 - Old Navy

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

SLMissGlam Beauty Party

I hope you like pink, because there's going to be a lot of it in this post! Consider yourself warned!

Beauty Youtuber Stephanie of SLMissGlam Beauty recently launched her own beauty line, and hosted a dreamy evening of pink and prettiness which you'll see below. She has a gorgeous collection of mink lashes and unbelievably adorable makeup brushes that are essentials for any vanity. I tried out a pair of her Natural Glam lashes at Christmas and loved how soft but voluminous they were: just the right amount of glam!

At this special launch event, everything was pretty in pink to match SLMissGlam's style, including yummy pink macarons and cupcakes from Sweet Bakeshop (one of my favourite bakeries downtown), flavoured cotton candy from Petite Puf, sparkling pink champagne...and just when you thought you'd had enough delectable sugar, there were sweet heart-shaped churros from Hugo's Churros!

Stephanie event collaborated with jewellery brand Olive + Piper to offer a special limited edition rose gold necklace to those who spent $100 or more on SLMissGlam Beauty. Makeup touch-ups and lash applications were also done on-site by makeup artist Jasmine Hoffman. It was definitely a glam evening, without a doubt!

I figured it would be the perfect chance to whip out the pink midi skirt I picked up from Leanne Footman of Legallee Blonde at the Shop the Blogger's Closet Sale last month. I am so in love with it!! Can't get enough of midi skirts all year round!

Outfit: Shirt - Forever 21 | Skirt - Shop the Blogger Closet Sale | Necklace - Nobis & Grey | Earrings - Nobis & Grey | Bracelet - Betty Be Good | Heels - Elle (thrifted via Value Village) | Purse - Forever 21

Gorgeous gals Youtuber Trina Duhra & Stephanie of SLMissGlam

Met another lovely Youtuber, Shayneeberg!

Beautiful roses from Landeau

The woman of the hour: Stephanie of SLMissGlam!

Happy Styling! xo


Monday, May 4, 2015

Eco Fashion Week: Upcycled Kimonos

Think being eco friendly can't be fashionable? Think again!

I attended Eco Fashion Week's media preview last month month, where they showcased the stunning kimonos you'll see below. They're so beautiful and detailed, would you believe they were made from old bed linens from the Fairmont Waterfront hotel?! Seven local designers took on the challenge of dyeing and constructing a kimono from these used linens...and the results are impressive! The patterns were each incredibly unique, and I really enjoyed the individual details, from gold foil to ruffles and hand-crafted flowers.

Unfortunately, I missed the rest of Eco Fashion Week due to work, but you can check out all the coverage, from the 68 Pound Challenge to the Thrift Chic Challenge, on Eco Fashion Week's Facebook Page!

Photo by Alfonso Arnold

President of Eco Fashion Week and Eco Stylist, Myriam Laroche speaking to the media

Photo by Alfonso Arnold

Marc Riese of La Biosthetique addresses the media, announcing their continued beauty partnership with Eco Fashion Week!

Myriam Laroche thrives in her vintage ensembles!

Lexi Soukoreff and Glencora Twigg

Sharon Zhang

Jasmin Dhillon

Bianca Barr

Jules Francisco

My-Linh Tran

Anna Talbot

Happy Styling! xo

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