Monday, February 15, 2016

Pink Shirt Day 2016: Kindness is One Size Fits All!

Pink Shirt Day is Wednesday February 24th this year - will you stand up to bullying in style with us?

Pink Shirt Day was started by 2 teenage boys in Nova Scotia, who decided to wear pink to support a fellow student who was bullied for wearing pink. They rallied their high school to wear pink as well, in support of the student, and soon the message spread right across the country, with Canadians all standing up to bullying by wearing pink.

What has now become an annual event, Pink Shirt Day raises awareness against bullying, and this year, is spreading the message of Kindness is One Size Fits All! The Pink Shirt Day t-shirt I'm wearing below can be purchased exclusively at London Drugs stores, and the net proceeds go to the CKNW Orphans Fund in support of Boys and Girls Clubs anti-bullying programs.

This is the second year I've participated in  Pink Shirt Day; I had a blast last year styling this look, and was joined by a host of other fabulous ladies who also styled their own Pink Shirt Day t-shirts. This year, I was joined by the fashionable bloggers Leeanne of Legallee Blonde, Bree of The Urban Umbrella, and Elizabeth of The Style Saver - make sure to check to check out their blog as well to see them rocking their Pink Shirt Day t-shirts! 

So I invite you all to style your own Pink Shirt Day t-shirts in support of anti-bullying, and show that kindness truly is one size fits all!

Wear your Pink Shirt Day t-shirt on February 24th and stop bullying in style. Tweet and Instagram your photos using the hashtag #pinkshirtday and don't forget to let your followers know they can get their own official PSD t-shirt exclusively @londondrugs!

Blazer - H&M (thrifted via Value Village) | Necklace - Nobis & Grey | Shirt - London Drugs | Jeans - Simons | Shoes - Sole Society

See (left to right) Legallee Blonde, The Urban Umbrella, and The Style Saver for their PSD outfit details!

[ Photography by Christian Nambayan ]

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

Friday, February 12, 2016

L.O.V.E : A Valentine's Film

People may have mixed feelings about Valentine's Day, but I think we can all agree love can go a long way! This weekend, spread a little love and you just may make someone's day.

Big thanks goes to Samantha Sito of OTISamantha for producing this little film - it was a blast to be a part of it!

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Snow Bunny Beauty Essentials

We're spending our Valentine's this year up at Sun Peaks Ski Resort, and since it's been a couple years since I've hit the slopes, I'm pretty excited to get my ski/snowboard on!

Sweater - Tommy Hilfiger (similar, similar) | Toque - Aldo (similar)

It also inspired me to put together a curated collection of beauty essentials that will keep your skin looking its best while you're on the top of the mountain. There are 2 key things to keep in mind while you're on the slopes: protecting your skin from the sun (that fresh new powder reflects the sun right back onto you), and keeping your skin hydrated and protected from the harsh cold and wind. And once you're off the hill and thawing out après ski, you'll likely want to get that toque-hair under control, and soothe those tired muscles too.


On a normal day, the cold winter weather often plays havoc on our skin. Now put yourself on top of a mountain and add some whipping winds and snow, and your skin is put under even harsher conditions. To avoid dry, chapped skin, I apply Juviance's Skin Rescue Intense Repair Cream all over my face the night before and morning of to keep dry skin at bay. Same goes for the Bioderma Atoderma PP Baume (available at London Drugs); I apply to spots on my body that tend to be drier in the winter (for some reason this year, that seems to be the inside of my knees and elbows). The formula is an anti-itching emollient balm that will provide comfort all day. I'll keep my Bioderma Atoderm Lips moisturizing stick (available at London Drugs) on hand to apply once we're off the hill too, to soothe and repair my damaged and dehydrated lips. This is my favourite lip chap formula!

Sun Protection:

There's nothing worse than a google tan - or in my case - a goggle burn! Even on a somewhat cloudy day on the slopes, the sun can reflect off the snow and give you a pretty nasty sun burn. My absolute favourite facial sunscreen is the Lise Watier Sun Smart UV Shield (available at London Drugs); its 30 SPF formula goes on super smooth and non-greasy, and makes the most fantastic makeup base too! Your lips need protection from the sun as well, and my favourite from last summer is RoC's Soleil Protexion Plus Lip Balm (available at London Drugs) with SPF 30. 

Toque Hair:

After a successful day on the slopes, once you take off the gear and pull of your's kind of a disaster under there. My hair is always matted, tangled and frizzy. The best way to prep your hair beforehand is to apply a primer like Frizz Ease's Forever Smooth Anti-Frizz Primer (available at London Drugs) the will help keep frizz at bay during the day. Apply it to wet hair, distributing evenly throughout from mid-shaft to tips: no need to rinse!

If you need a quick fix after you pull off your toque, the Conair Infiniti Pro Ultimate Brush (available at London Drugs) will get rid of any static or frizz in just one swipe! This super cool brush is battery-operated and uses ion technology to eliminate static and frizz as you brush through your hair. I love that it's wireless, so you can bring it pretty much anywhere.

Sore Muscles:

When you haven't snowboarded or skied in a few years like me, you can pretty much guarantee you're going to be sore once you get back out there. If a hot tub isn't within reach, then a balm like Theo10 Heat can soothe your aching muscles. This long lasting muscle rub is also water resistant, 100% natural and lasts up to 12 hours, plus it's compact enough to pop in your pocket. I love the smell too - a strong fresh mint scent.

Now you're prepped and ready to go for your winter getaway! What are your beauty essentials before hitting the slopes?

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

Disclaimer: Some of the products reviewed here were provided as samples for review. Opinions are my own.

Monday, February 8, 2016

The All-Grey Ensemble

I've been turning over a new leaf as of late, voting for more minimalist outfits. As I get older, I see the value in have some great basics that are easily mixed and matched. I've always been inspired by Parisian style and their effortlessly chic way of dressing - they have a list of chic staples that can be alternated to create endless outfits.

I've been chipping away at my own 'chic staples' list recently: a camel coat (seen here), black jeans, cat-eye shades, structured grey coat, grey wool coat, pointed leather ankle boots, and a black leather jacket. I went on the search for some of the items on my list last week, and could believe how many I managed to knock off my list at Zara! I have quite a few Zara items I've thrifted over the years, but actually have very few clothing items that I've purchase directly from their store. They had so many awesome basics. I ended up finding the exact leather jacket, grey wool coat, and structured grey coat I was looking for!

All-grey has become a major fashion trend lately, and I've been dying to give it a try, so now that I finally found the grey wool coat I was looking for, I finally felt I could pull the look together. If you're looking to give the look a try yourself, it's easy enough to put together with grey items you already have in your closet, and adding one or two things if you don't have them already. A pair of classy cat-eye sunglasses ties it all together nicely, too.

Coat - Zara Trafaluc | Sweater - Winners | Scarf - Nobis & Grey | Sunglasses - Simons | Jeans - thrifted | Shoes - Converse Chuck Taylor Dainty

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

Monday, February 1, 2016

Valentine's Outfit Inspiration

I know that Valentine's Day is met with mixed feelings. Not everyone is a fan of the commercialism and the idea of dedicating a whole day to couples sharing their love. But you know me, I'll never say no to an opportunity to dress up! Whether you're planning to spend it with your other half, or with the best of friends, use Valentine's as an opportunity to feel even more fabulous than usual! That little black dress that's been sitting in the back of your closet, always just a little too risqué for an event? Dust it off and rock it!

I found this super affordable dress at Simons during my first walk through of the new store at Park Royal after it opened. Actually, everything was insanely affordable, but this particular LBD stood out. I tried it on, and knew it belonged in my closet! It has just the right amount of sexiness with the cut-outs and sheer skirt, without showing off more than I was willing to.

For Valentine's I liked the idea of wearing black with only a hit of dusty pink, as opposed to full-on red or pink. Plus, I thought it would be cute to add some kisses and hugs in the form of my xoxo bracelet and necklace from Nobis & Grey - subtle, but I love that it fits the theme.

More Valentine's Day outfit inspiration is on the way, so stay tuned!

Dress - Icone (via Simons) | Jacket - TCEC (via Betty Be Good) | Necklace & Bracelet - Nobis & Grey | Heels - 369 Cat (via Value Village)

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta
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