Friday, July 29, 2016

The Best Contour Palette for Fair Skin

I've dabbled here and there with contour palettes over the last couple of years, but being fair skinned, it's been pretty hard to find ones that have a selection of shades that actually work with my skintone. Even if I find one with nice taupe-browns that are light enough for my contour, there's usually never a highlight included that's light enough (aka a white highlighter). Plus, I'd much prefer if a contour palette comes with a blush as well, but that seems to be pretty rare.

So you can guess my excitement when I finally came across the contour palette with ALL of that! This contour palette from AnaV Beauty has the perfect light contour shades (although there are darker ones too if you prefer), a beautiful soft pink blush, and lighter highlight shades including a white pan for highlighting or all-over powder. The pans are all huge, so you're really getting your bang for your buck, too!

My favourite brushes to use are all from Real Techniques, which you can find at London Drugs stores. They're great quality, and last really well too. For contouring, blush and highlighting, I use their Blush Brush, and two of the brushes from their Core Collection.

Get a closer look at the palette and how I use it below!

The must-have brushes:

I fell in love with Real Techniques brushes a couple of years ago now, after picking them up from London Drugs. They're all I use now! From left to right are my Blush Brush, Buffing Brush, and Contour Brush. The handles fit really nicely in your hand without slipping, and I find the bristles very delicate and soft, and apply very smoothly.

Step 1 - The Contour:

I use the top right shade in the AnaV Beauty contour palette for my contour. Using my brush, I make the "fish face" first to find the hollow part under my cheekbone, and then work the brush up under my cheekbone. To make sure I don't have two defined stripes down my cheeks, I also work the brush up my temples a bit and blend into the side of my forehead. Think of it as a "3" motion, up your cheek to your temple, and from temple to forehead.

Step 2 - The Highlight:

I use the white powder on the top left of the palette to brighten up key spots on my face. I use this smaller brush to do a quick swipe along the top of each cheekbone, above the contour. If I feel like taking it a step further, sometimes I'll also add a bit along the ridge of my nose.

Step 3 - The Blush:

Ah I'm so glad this palette has a blush included. And not just any blush, but the perfect subtle, soft pink that goes on super natural but gives the perfect amount of flush. Using my favourite Blush Brush, I do a big grin to make the apples of my cheeks more prominent before sweeping a bit of blush (the middle bottom powder) onto them.

The Final Look:

You can definitely amp up the look if you want something more dramatic, but I love the subtle look of more defined cheekbones and natural-looking flushed cheeks, with just a dash of highlighter glow. Perfect for every day!

Contour Palette - c/o AnaV Beauty | BB Cream - Missha Perfect Cover No. 13 | Eyeliner - Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner | Mascara - Covergirl Plumpify Mascara | Lipstick - Tiana Lipstick by AVB

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Floaties & Palm Prints: The Two Hottest Trends This Summer

Let me tell you, when a particular item of clothing, or pair of sunglasses or shoes gets stuck in my head, there is NOTHING that will stop me from searching to the ends of the internet until I find it. This was most definitely the case with this Butterfly by Matthew Williamson Leaf Print bathing suit, and I felt so proud when I finally tracked it down! Haha a little sad, maybe, but I'm stubborn. And I'm a little obsessed with palm prints right now, which just also happen to be the hottest print of this summer.

I've always wanted to have a bathing suit with high waisted bottoms, so I ended up going out of my way to find the retro high waisted bottoms version (but don't worry, they have a regular brief bottoms version too). Aren't they the cutest? As for the top, Asos had a pretty good range of sizes (and proper sizes, none of that small/medium large crap!). If you're not a fan of two-pieces though, I also came across this gorgeous one piece in the same leaf print, that even features a sexy lace up front! I almost bought that one too but managed to restrain myself...(pat on the back for not overspending).

A trip to the lake was definitely in order once it arrived! I headed up to White Pine Beach with Samantha from OTISamantha and her GIANT swan floaty for a day of sun, fun and floating around. It sure did take a while to get it blown up, but it was totally worth it! The kids on the beach were all pretty jealous.

Bathing suit top - Asos (or Debenhams) | Bathing suit bottoms - high waisted via Debenhams (or briefs via Lipsy) | Hat - Winners | Sunglasses - Winners

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

Friday, July 22, 2016

How to Wear Dark Lipstick in the Summer

It's funny how we can back ourselves into corners by following the conventions of "seasons". Brights and pastels for Spring and Summer, darks for Fall and Winter. But why not shake things up a bit? Don't limit your makeup choices just because you feel like it's out of season. Who cares!

I love hot pink lipsticks, corals, oranges and everything else bright in the summer, don't get me wrong, but I thought I'd challenge myself to bring out my "winter" lipstick shades for some face time this summer. I'm wearing one of my favourite deep vampy lipsticks, MUA from Vancouver beauty boutique AnaV Beauty. It goes on creamy and stays in place all night (no re-application needed!).

I love this as a date night look in the summer; pair the dark lip with some easy-to-style black pieces (and sexy little black crop top of course!), and you're good to go.

Lipstick - AnaV Beauty in MUA

Shirt - Forever 21 |  Pants - Zara | Purse - Aldo (thrifted via Value Village) |  Earrings - Nobis & Grey | Heels - Aldo (thrifted)

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

Monday, July 18, 2016

Deighton Cup: Stepping up Your Fashion Game

For those of you who aren't from Vancouver, the Deighton Cup is our west coast equivalent of the Kentucky Derby, and is pretty much the only opportunity here to wear a BIG hat or fascinator! Naturally, I have to take advantage of that opportunity. I actually own about 6 fascinators - I've always loved chic, eye-catching hats, but other than fashion week, I do find myself longing for a chance to wear them more.

For this year's Deighton Cup, I really wanted to up my fashion game, so Vancouver Vogue collaborated with Maria Curcic Couture Millinery, along with local blogger friends The Urban Umbrella and Legallee Blonde. She has a beautiful selection of unique one of a kind headpieces, and because it might seem a bit pricey to splurge on a hat for a one day event, Maria also offers rentals, which I think is the perfect way to look fab for an event on a budget (and you know me - I'm all about thriftiness)! Of all the designs she offers, I completely fell in love with this gorgeous blue fascinator with pastel blue flowers. I loved how eye-catching it was the shape, and liked the challenge of matching an outfit to the blue colour. In the end, I opted to go with full-out vibrant colour head to toe!

Make sure to check out Bree on The Urban Umbrella and Leeanne on Legallee Blonde as well, so you can see their chic Deighton Cup outfits. I absolutely loved both of their looks - the perfect feminine dresses and hats for a day at the races! Bows also seemed to be a big part of many people's outfits - Leeanne's dress also featured an adorable peek-a-boo bow on the back, as did quite a few other attendees. I firmly believe a bow can only make an outfit better.

It was a lovely day out at the races - we sipped deliciously refreshing libations, people watched (so many amazing outfits!), and caught a few races of course. A big thanks goes out to Sidebuy for inviting us along to join the fabulous fun at the Deighton Cup!

Left to right: Bree of The Urban Umbrella, Leeanne of Legallee Blonde, and myself

Blackberry mojitos served up to race goers: my favourite new drink of summer!

Dress - Rebecca Elizabeth Designs | Hat - rental c/o Maria Curcic Couture Millinery | Necklace - Nobis & Grey | Heels - Call It Spring (thrifted via Value Village) | Purse - Forever 21

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

Monday, July 11, 2016

Business in the Front, Party in the Back: The Open Back Shirt

The age-old fashion rule (not that I'm really all about rules in fashion - but bear with me), is if you're showing skin in one area of your outfit, to balance it out by covering up another area. Short skirt? Skip the deep-v neck top and stick to something a bit more demure.

Open back tops like the one I'm wearing here started popping up everywhere over the last year, and they're a great piece to have in your wardrobe. From the front, it's a just a sweet little top, with puffed sleeves and a high collar. But in the back.....a nice crossed open back showing off some skin! You could always wear a top like this with a bandeau underneath to have it peek out the back. Or if you're heading to the beach, a strappy bikini would be perfect underneath too.

If we have a summer anything like last summer (I was sweltering hot the entire time), then shirts like this are going to be your best friend. Just imagine how it'll keep you cool when a breeze comes by!

Shirt - (via Winners) | Pants - Old Navy | Sunglasses - Target | Shoes - Soda (similar) | Hat - H&M | Bag - Chapters Indigo (similar)

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta
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