Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Look of the Week: Tailored with lace

I have some fantastic news I've been sitting on for a little bit; I wanted to wait until I had these photos ready before making the announcement here. I'm very honoured to be one of this year's new Modcloth Style Ambassadors! If you haven't come across it already, Modcloth is a fantastic site for adorable vintage and retro clothing, accessories, decor and other little surprises. They have really created their own community surrounding the site, and you can get involved in so many ways! My most recent purchase on their site was a surprise bag, worth anywhere between $19.99 and $249.99! And it only costs $15! I'm very excited to recieve mine in the mail :) the anticipation is part of the fun.

So in recognition of joining the Modcloth Street Team, I thought I would do a post with a dress I bought from them last year. It was part of their Cabin Fever sale, and I got an amazing deal on two dresses, including this one. I thought I would style this one along with the cute little old-fashioned booties I got while thrifting during our school Reading Break. I got them for $12, and they've never been worn! I like how I feel a bit tailored and business-y in this outfit, but the volumous lacey skirt gives it that oomph of girly that is OH so necessary :) Finishing the look off with a cameo neckalace is the perfect accessory.

I'd like to think of this as a bit of an ode to three-piece suits...because I think every guy should own one. I've always been a fan of the 1920's, and the tailored suits they wore (and we still see sometimes) are just so dapper and handsome.

And keep your eyes peeled this week, as I will also be posting that makeup tutorial I mentioned a little while ago. You can also keep looking back here for more Modcloth updates, where I'll let you know about upcoming specials. It's great to be working with a company that thrives so much on vintage and retro inspiration. If you haven't already, check out their website. I'll guarantee you'll be hooked like I am :) If you love them too, what's your current wish list?

Dress-Ark&Co. Via Modcloth, Heels-Fioni, Vest-Seduction, Jacket-Vintage, Cameo Necklace-Richmond Night Market

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Red Carpet Favourites: 2012 Oscars

Well, I just finished working on an assignment for class, so sadly I missed the Oscars this year! But that most certainly did stop me from scouring the web for all the gorgeous gowns that walked the red carpet earlier this evening! I've listed my top picks for best dressed below. There was a great variety of gowns on the carpet, and white made quite an appearance this year. I'm glad there weren't many over-powering tulle-y gowns this year, either. A nice change!

Maria Menounos looked absolutely stunning in this beautiful green Maria Lucia Hohan gown. The cut is very flattering on her, and the cut-out pattern on the side is very sexy!

E! News host Giuliana Rancic wore a beautifully delicate gown by Tony Ward. The sequin detailing creates a lovely silhouette, as do the interesting leaf-like sleeves.

Wow! That sure is a lot of sequins, and Rose Byrne pulled it off perfectly! The sleek bob is an excellent styling with the outfit, as are the black platform heels. I just love the draping of this gown on her; of course it's a Vivian Westwood!

Ohhh I feel some vintage in the air! I must say, I didn't love this dress as much when I saw it head on, but from this angle, it is just darling. Her light red hair perfectly complimented the Alexander McQueen gown. The gold detailing gives the dress that gorgeous vintage feel that caught my eye!

Another amazing sequin-encrusted gown! And I love this one for an entirely different reason. Usually one wants to avoid being to matchy-matchy, but Ellie Kemper's hair matches the copper colour in the Armani Prive dress so perfectly!

Penelope Cruz is a stunning rendition of Grace Kelly! I'm not usually one for the volumous gowns, but this one is so classic. Her 50's hair and diamond accessories are just right for this Giorgio Armani gown.

Angelina Jolie is just killin' it in this Atelier Versace gown! It's been awhile since I've seen that much velvet on the red carpet, but this one is so dramatic, so was worth the risk! Not to mention that high slit: a dramatic touch to an already fabulous gown.

And lastly, contrary to what most people are saying about Emma Stone's Giambattista Valli gown, I like it! Maybe it's because I just think Emma Stone looks amazing in anything, but I love how she contrasts her porcelain complexion with such a bold red. (Oh and it may just happen to be my favourite colour..hmm..) The bow is a little bigger than I would like, but I think she pulls it off with grace!

I must say, I am loving the amount of porcelain complexions on the runway this year! I really hope the over-tanning/orangeness that has hit Hollywood for so long is finally over! These girls look fantastic in their real skin!

What were your favourite picks from this year's Oscars?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Look of the Week: Styled by the boyfriend

I was curious this week as to what guys really think of what we fashion-forward girls wear. I've seen blog posts by other fashion bloggers before, who said their boyfriends/husbands didn't really 'get' what they were wearing. Sometimes, it's true, we wear rather unflattering pieces in the name of high fashion...and I think they just kind of accept it. But I wanted to know, if they had the choice, what would they have us wear? I thought I would put my boyfriend to the test and have him style an outfit based on what I have in my closet!
Now, obviously this brings up a whole other issue of who you dress for, be it for yourself, your man, your friends, or passerby. I'd say I dress to feel good about myself, by defining who I am, but I definitely want to look extra good for my man too :)

I felt so fantastically vintage and pretty all day, I absolutely loved it. I've never tried something like this in my hair (also his idea, by the way) and I'm definitely going to try it again with different scarves. I was extra proud that wearing this look downtown got me spotted by blogger Frock of Ages, as you saw in my post here! So what you you think? Did he do a good job?

He also requested that this outfit be paired with some equally lovely little muffin treats (which here are blueberry). It's true, I never see mini muffins anywhere; mini cupcakes are much easier to come by. But these are perfect for a quick breakfast on the go! I must admit, they really are adorable, and look perfect on the new 3-tiered platter I recently purchased. The day of shooting was complete with some Cream Earl Grey tea and a couple of the bite-sized treats. Yum!

Coat-Urban Behaviour, Dress-Mystic(from Sirens), Belt-Urban Behaviour, Headscarf-Vintage, Bag-Joe, Gloves-Vintage(a Christmas gift from my lovely neighbour!), Hosiery-LaSenza, Heels-ParkWest

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Look of the Week: Prep and Cobalt Blue

Looks like outfits are requiring a little less bundling up now! A sign that spring is on the way!
It's time to inject a little more bright colour into the wardrobe from now on...

One of my best friends was asking how to style red lipstick in a way that isn't as retro. So let this Look of the Week be inspiration for a look you can use some fierce scarlet and not feel like you're from the 40's (although, I personally never mind feeling like that!). The look is very preppy, but I've swapped out strict pumps for some that are a little more fun...and very high! Truth is out: I couldn't walk in them very long, but I love them :)

I've got lots planned for the next couple weeks, so expect more posts to come! I have a makeup tutorial coming up, and I'm planning on doing my basic makeup routine, but if you have another look you'd like me to walk you through, let me know!
You'll also see more photos from my shoot today, a cute baking project, and another one of my own designs being showcased here for the first time!

Happy Styling!

Sweater-Hollister, Jeans-Be-1, Blazer-vintage, Crest Pin-Aldo Accessories, Scarf-vintage, Disco Bangle-Forever 21, Heels-g:21

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spotted by Frock of Ages downtown!

I was on my way downtown today for a girls day/photo shoot for the blog when I was spotted by lovely Vancouver blogger Rafael of Frock of Ages!

So here's a sneak peak of this week's styled outfit!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tips for Successful Thrifting

Now that school is back, I've found thrifting to be a perfect way to reward myself with a little shopping, without feeling guilty about spending too much. I really feel like I've accomplished something when I find the perfect deal! It can get very addictive- be warned!

Based on the success I've had thrifting over the past year, I thought I'd share some advice that will get you started!

1. Be patient and give yourself time to hunt: If you've ever shopped at Winners or Ross Dress for Less, you know what I mean. Be prepared to do a lot of sifting, and trying on heaps of stuff. If you try on 10 items, expect to only come out with 1 or 2. But it's worth it!

2.Don't stick to one size or one section: Many times I have found things that fit me perfectly...but were in the wrong row for that size. Keep looking even if you get into the racks of clothes you think are too big. The same goes for reading tags; they aren't a good indication of how it will fit. Sizes have changed a lot over the years, and sizes vary between brands too. Don't limit yourself to only 'dresses' or just 'skirts' sections either; I've found great dresses that were accidentally placed in the skirt section before. You won't find those special pieces if you aren't looking everywhere!

3.Look for brand names: An extra bonus to thrift shopping is finding not only cheap and unique pieces, but even designer brands! My latest find was a vintage Burberry skirt- it was far too big, unfortunately, but they're out there! Keep your eyes peeled for good fabrics, too, like 100% chashmere. I've seen it for as cheap as $7- regular price it would be at least $100!

4.Go often!: Thrift stores are restocking all day every day, so if you want to find the best of the best, you need to go frequently. This way, you get to see the new stock before it's been picked over.

I know some people aren't keen on buying previously worn clothing. Personally, as long as I wash it well before wearing it, I don't mind. If you can get past that, you'll find all kinds of amazing things for great deals! I tend to buy more because it's so cheap, so I'd recommend taking a bag of donations to make room for your new treasures!

Here are some of the pieces I've found thrifting over the last year:

The red dress will be part of my killer Valentine's Day outfit! Complete vintage-style hosiery, dramatic curls, and luscious lashes.

Happy thrifting! :)
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