Monday, May 21, 2018

The Statement Crop Top for Summer

I'm a big crop top lover. A good crop top and a pair of high waisted jeans are one of my favourite summertime looks. So when I spotted this bell-sleeved crop top on SheIn (it's only $17!!), I knew I had to add it to my crop top collection! I'm particularly a fan of this top because of the statement bell sleeves, and the the tied waist. It's the details that make this affordable piece a stand-out.

I'm definitely guilty of being a dress person. I often struggle to shop for tops (even though I love crop tops). For one thing, it's obviously easier to style a dress - one item - versus a top and pants. So I find that I usually tend towards shopping the dress department versus shirts. But...I've been making a concerted effort to shop for shirts lately, and I'm finally starting to develop a larger selection of tops in my wardrobe. This season, because bell sleeves have been such a big trend, I've been keeping my attention focused on tops with that feature. That's about as narrow as I'll go, in terms of shopping goals. I don't like to get too narrow, in terms of colour, etc, because I find it just gets too difficult to find something so exact. Just go in with a couple of points in mind, and then see what pleasantly surprises you!

One fashion rule I've always followed is about balancing out the amount of skin I show in an outfit. If I'm wearing something short, I opt to wear something more conservative on top, and vice versa; if I'm wearing a crop top, I prefer to go with pants, rather than shorts. This is totally a personal choice - it's just what feels most comfortable for me. But if you're feeling a bit unsure about rocking a crop top, then a pair of high waisted pants is probably a safe bet.

Do you have a fashion rule you've always stood by?

Shirt - c/o SheIn | Sunglasses - Francesca's | Jeans - Rachel Roy (via Winners) | Shoes - thrifted via Salvation Army

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

Friday, May 18, 2018

Clinique Opens First Standalone Store in North Richmond!

Here on the West Coast, we are rarely treated to the first of anything. Toronto, if Canada at all, is usually the first to be treated to new store openings, product launches, and other excitement. But, it seems lately, things have changed! Clinique just opened their very first standalone store in North America...right here in Richmond! The brand new location is location in CF Richmond Centre, and it truly is one-of-a-kind. This store will have exclusive products, interactive technologies, expert services, special events and more. Not to mention, it's beautifully set up to display their cult-favourite products, and all ready to test!

I'll admit - it had been a long time since I've used Clinique products. (Way back in my high school days, I had a lipstick and a few other products - all in their signature Clinique green packaging.) So after coming home from the store's launch event with some brand new Clinique products...I was pretty excited to give them a try! Keep scrolling below for a peek at the ones that really caught my attention (and to learn an awesome highlighting trick!).

Clinique Cheek Pop in Rosy Pop

I love a gorgeous blush. If I'm being honest, I have a blush I bought from Ladurée in Paris that has the most stunning design on it...but I'm always too afraid of ruining it! Great news: I've actually used this Clinique Cheek Pop blush a few times now, and it doesn't look used at all! I was expecting the powder to go everywhere and for the flower to loose its clear shape, but it hasn't. So relieved! And the blush has just a slight shimmer to it that is so sweet.

Clinique Moisture Surge & Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight

I am super excited to share an awesome highlighting trick with you, using these two products! I learned this from the Clinique experts who were on-hand at the Clinique CF Richmond launch, and I can't wait to rock this look all summer long!

Take a pea-sized amount of the Clinique Moisture Surge 72 Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator and put in on the back of your hand. Then take the Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight and rub into the Moisture Surge. You'll end up creating a gel highlight that you can then dab along your cheekbones, for an extra dewy finish! Not to mention, it feels so moisturizing and refreshing on the skin. A great plus for the summertime.

Clinique Pop Splash Lip Gloss in Watermelon Pop

Bold, glossy lips are definitely back! I must say, I'm a big matte lipstick fan, so the whole lip gloss thing has never been a favourite of mine, but I was surprised how much I liked this one. The colour is really vibrant, and the gloss isn't as sticky as I expected (for a gloss).

Marimekko x Clinique Pop Splash Lip Gloss in Juicy Apple

Now, this lip gloss definitely surprised me. When I went to apply it, based on the bottle, I was definitely expecting a vibrant red gloss - similar to the boldness of the Watermelon Pop gloss you saw above. Nope! It was waaaay more transparent. BUT, I am absolutely in love with it. It has a naturally-enhanced-lips look that I can't get enough of, with just a hint of colour. Again, the formula isn't sticky, and actually feels quite moisturizing on the lips.

With a lipstick this creamy and comfortable, my matte lipstick days might just be over! I already fell in love with the adorably small lipstick cases, but then the formula really drove it home. This lipstick feels so comfortable and moisturizing on the lips, and actually stays that way all day long. NO drying out. Plus, this pink shade Sweet Pop is so pretty. I also tested a few other shades at the event that I really liked: especially Melon Pop. It was such a gorgeous orange shade for summer!

That's all for today, folks! Are you big fans of Clinique? What's your all-time favourite product?

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Gingham Style! The 'It' Pattern for Summer 2018 is Retro Gingham

If you've been out shopping lately, you've probably noticed gingham print popping up everywhere, particularly in black and white. It's definitely a hot pattern for spring/summer 2018, and I am so here for it. Why? Because I think it looks great when styled with a 60's vibe!

I found this light, loose-fitting gingham dress from SheIn, and at $14, it's definitely one of the most affordable ways to wear this on-trend pattern. Because of the style, it's quite casual; I think it would look really cute with a pair of white converse too. But to give it the more 60's vibe, I thought I'd dress it up and bit more. The key to the 60's look is the white retro sunglasses, and the vintage-inspired white pumps. That and a nice, light pastel pink lipstick. I thought I'd also grab my Kate Spade floral bag for good measure, as it matches my lipstick (and I'm always very matchy-matchy)!

It's great to have a couple versatile dresses like this in your wardrobe, that can easily go from ultra casual to dressy, by simply switching out some accessories. Easy and affordable style!

Dress - c/o SheIn | Sunglasses - Similar | Necklace - Nobis & Grey | Purse - Kate Spade | Heels - H&M thrifted via Value Village (similar)

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Love Roses? You've Got to Try This All-Natural Beauty Brand

I've always loved roses. Not necessarily in the usual sense though, like a bouquet of roses. More like the scent of roses, and the taste of food or drink with rose in it. We actually have a bottle of rose water in our fridge, which I plan to use for some rose-infused cocktails this spring. And over the last couple of weeks, I've been infusing rose into my beauty routine too!

Turns out, if you love rose, Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics is definitely your brand. All of the products you'll see below are packed with rose petals, wild rose hips, and rose petal wax! The best part? The roses are grown naturally and organically in their own garden in Germany. Believe it or not, the roses are still hand-picked from their garden. And all of their cosmetics are NATRUE Certified (which apparently has quite a rigorous certification process). Keep on reading below to learn more about why you're going to love this all-natural brand!

Before I had the chance to try the products, I wondered what they would actually feel and smell like: how would the rose really come across in these products? Well let me tell you, the smell is fantastic. Using the Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner and Rose Day Cream in the morning, my face smells like a lovely rose garden! Not just like a fresh seriously smells like a garden! It's actually such a wonderful scent

The Facial Toner is simply sprayed all over your face, and then lightly patted into the skin. It doesn't feel as tightening as most toners I've tried - definitely more comfortable. And the Rose Day Cream has a really nice, thick creamy formula. You actually need to apply a bit of pressure to really spread the cream across your face, and it really is quite thick, but I loved the feeling. My face has been very dry lately, so the thick cream felt so moisturizing and pampering on my skin. It's probably the rose scent that also makes it feel so pamering: after all, it smells like something you would use at a spa!

Now, I do love skincare, but what I love more than skincare is makeup. And here the really cool part: even Dr. Hauschka's makeup is infused with rose as well! Their Sheer Lipstick has a less intense rose smell, and has just a very very sheer wash of colour. I was expecting more colour to be honest, but I was actually pleasantly surprised how much I liked the look. It's very much a 'your lips but better' colour. It's going to be perfect for summer, when you want to keep your makeup look simple. Here, I'm wearing the shade Rosanna.

If lip gloss is more your thing though, they have an all-natural Lip Gloss as well, although it doesn't have rose. But again, the colour just has enough of a hint of colour to give your lips an enhanced look, without appearing too overly thick and glossy. I've used this gloss a few times now, and it really is very moisturizing on the lips. The shade here is Raspberry, a nice light, baby pink.

I find that good all-natural mascaras are a bit hit-or-miss. It's hard to find one that truly gives me the kind of lash volume that I want. I didn't find that this one gave me crazy volume either, BUT....if you hate mascara that clumps (and really, who doesn't?) then you are going LOVE this mascara! It is literally impossible to get it clumpy. I applied at least 10 layers and had absolutely zero clumping. It was actually pretty amazing - I can't think of another mascara I have that's that good at not clumping. Lashes are perfectly defined, and the formula feels very nourishing, as opposed to crumbly. And guess what? More rose! Dr. Hauschka's Volume Mascara has rose petal wax as one of the ingredients, which is what helps to nourish your lashes.

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

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