Sunday, September 4, 2011

A DIY Project: Yesterday's Dress

I am by no means talented with the sewing machine, but it’s easy to use for this mini-project...

I found this dress by Necessary Objects in Winners, but when I tried it on it didn’t quite fit right on top. I couldn’t zip up the back past the skirt. The dress was otherwise just too perfect, though, so I bought it anyway!

To fix the zipper issue, I took some inspiration from a dress I saw on someone a while ago at a dance. The back was held together by large horizontal pieces of black elastic. I decided to create this look on my dress, in order to bridge the gap in the zipper on top. I added a sketch below of how I envisioned this working; I found a picture online of a dress similar to what I saw...sorry I don’t have the photo cred, if someone knows where it is originally from, please let me know and I’ll add it in.

I folded over the fabric on either side of the zipper so that the zipper no longer showed. You can see how I sewed down both sides to hide the zipper.

I went over the elastic a few times on each side, just to make sure it won’t rip.

And that’s it! Now I’m so glad I bought this dress, even though it didn’t originally fit. Now it’s one of my favourite dresses!

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