Monday, October 1, 2012

Vancouver Fashion Week Day 5

It has finally come: the final chapter on my adventures as Runway Correspondent for Vancouver Fashion Week's Spring/Summer 2013 season! My feet have been greatful to be out of heels for the last week, but my wardrobe wishes the week could have lasted longer...

I was positively in love with Daniella Villa's collection. The retro victory rolls and vintage-inspired make-up looked fantastic with the modern, glamourous dresses. Each had very unique details: I loved the chunky square strap, the pointed shoulders, the sequin and mesh back. The pièce de résistence was Daniella's final dress: a stunning black gown with a seductive deep V-cut and a simplistic and modern silver belt. This is the gown of any girl's dreams. Daniella wore her own design, a beautiful LBD which was anything but ordinary. Look at those see-through sleeves, heavy pleates, and dramatic shoulder details!

Another favourite of the night was Farida Lalji's collection, which was full of stunning colours and traditional designs. I loved seeing the caucasian girls in the designs; they looked so exotic and the less-traditional pinks and turquoises complimented their features so well. I can't wait to get invited to an Indian wedding so I can wear one of these beautiful pieces! (or any other event that would allow me to wear such an outfit!)

This is a blog about women's fashion, but I couldn't help but snap some photos of Soddi's collection backstage. Check out those hats! The way Solon Diego designed the shorts was very sporty, and as our cameraman pointed out, they were really cool! It's good to see a solid dose of colour in there with all that white: with all the dark leather we're seeing so far this season, something a little brighter is in order, and Soddi has delivered!

Daniella Villa collection

Daniella herself in a her own design!

The dress that closed Daniella Villa's show

Don't these aqua blues and purples look amazing on Farida Lalji's models?

The models for Soddi's collection get a few last pointers. Do I see Mr. World Canada 2012 there in the middle??

The designer himself Solon Diego doing some finishing touches

Y!D.N.A by Andy Hoan Nguyen shows of some killer leather and an equally badass hair-do

I got a chance to briefly chat with Nina of Nina on the Moon, who wore her mother's dress (amazing right??) and some modern heels with a hair-do that I wish I could achieve! Having worn my mom's skirt the previous day, it was great to see someone else paying a tribute to moms and their sense of style!

Ivy of the Pink Spider and I. I am in love with her metal-toed heels...and really her whole look! You know how much I love classic style with a twist.

Miss World Canada 2012, Tara Teng, made an appearance and gave us a lovely interview for our Runway Diaries!

An up-and-coming designer, Guylaine Theriault, wearing one of her own creations! Keep your eyes out for this pretty lady in the future!

A model poses for us in one of Y!D.N.A's designs

I'm so sad I didn't get any photos of Sofia Palmero's bathingsuit collection! The bikinis were so incredibly different from anything I've seen before- very playful and accompanied by equally playful pompom earrings (which I oddly really want..). She was such a pleasure to talk to, and I loved her outfit; turquoise and orange make a great combination. This girl proves that she was born with style! You can find photos of her collection here.

Now that Vancouver Fashion Week is coming to a close, I'll be back to my weekly posts here at Vancouver Vogue. I will keep you all updated on the VFW Runway Diaries, which will be posted very soon now. I hope the new connections I've made at VFW will bring new and exciting content to my blog in the future for all of my readers! Thank you so much to the VFW team for allowing me to join them on the incredible journey behind the scenes of Vancouver's biggest fashion event of the season!

Happy Styling! xo



  1. thank you so much for your sweet comment! you are so pretty! really love your posts :)this one is amazing with all this fashion photos! i'm now following you! :) please check out my facebook page, soon i'll have a great giveaway :)

    much love,

  2. Nice blog! would you mind following each other via bloglovin? :)

    /Malin @

  3. Another amazing post! I love your style of writing -- I actually read the whole thing! And I really loved the dress you were wearing. I don't think I saw you at the show on this day because I think I would remember it, but you look gorgeous!

    xoxo Alison

  4. I love the sound of those bikinis,sound really cute and the pom pom earrings sound even more playful and cute.
    I love that everything you wore was thrifted! and like you say hear and on your lovely comment on my post,theres nothing better than finding something you just love,hunting through all the old clothes,Ive always loved the idea of it,and now Im loving actually doing it!
    I'll keep my eye out for than amazing designer,here dress is fabulous!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend x


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