Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Look of the Week: My Red Beret

Let the end-of-exams celebration begin! With the daylight lasting what feels like only a few hours, and the rain coming down on a regular basis, it seems inevitable that we start moving indoors for some photo-taking: and where better than my favourite fashionable hangout in Vancouver, Thierry? PS. Today, we tried chocolate pistachio, maple pecan, and cranberry macarons..and the maple pecan was by far the tastiest! (A box of these would make a great addition to a Christmas gift, too!)

This is my official go-to outfit for looking casual chic: an oversized sweater, leggings, ankle boots, and red lipstick. For anyone looking for some ankle boots that are fashion-forward yet practical enough for walking around, I highly recommend these Aldo Miggins wedges. I thought they were a little tight when I first bought them, but having walked around all over Vancouver in them, they are super comfortable and surprisingly easy the run in (I always seem to be running for a bus)! Also, I have an arsenal of berets ready for adding a touch of class to any outfit: I suggest having them in basic colours like red, white and black so that they can go with anything. It's a great substitute for a toque, which is sometimes a bit too casual for an outing. If you're in the Vancouver area, check out Granville Island: they have a great little hat shop, and it's where I found myself a very affordable white beret awhile back. 

Sweater-Romeo&Juliet (via Winners), Leggings-Sirens, Boots-Aldo, Purse-Oasap, Beret-my Nana's, Necklace-H&M

Happy Styling! xo



  1. Nice outfit! I like the beret!


  2. Świetny wpis. Jestem pod wrażeniem.


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