Monday, January 14, 2013

Crumpler: The Fashion Blogger's bag

The coolest, most unique gift I received this Christmas was a Crumpler camera bag insert from my boyfriend! After I purchased my Nikon D5100 DSLR back at the beginning of December, I started looking around for a stylish camera bag. Truth be told, they aren't very easy to find! I did come across one here and there, but didn't think they were very unique. Unfortunately, I fell in love with a bag developed by blogger Fashion Foie Gras and Coach, but unfortunately it came out almost exacly a year ago...and came with a $500 price tag. I decided to leave the search over Christmas, and was very pleasantly surprised with my gift of a Crumpler Haven pouch! This particular one is an insert, which means it can turn any bag into a camera bag. Problem solved!

Naturally, I still managed to justify buying 2 new bags to house my new Crumpler bag: one of which you just saw on Thrifty Thursday yesterday. The key is still having enough space for a pair of flats, phone, wallet, and in my other larger purse, even an iPad! Everything a fashion blogger needs on the go. Even for those of you who aren't fashion bloggers, if you're on-the-go and want to have your DSLR too, this is such a great idea. There's a location in Gastown, Vancouver if you want to pick one of these genius inventions for up for yourself!

See how it fits inside my new thrifted backpack? No more transporting my camera in a toque! (Yes, for the last month, I have been protecting my prized camera with a wool toque when keeping it in my purse). The dividers are removable too, so you can adjust the inside any way you like. For me, it fits a camera with lens on, an extra lens, and external flash.

Happy Styling! xo


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