Monday, June 24, 2013

Look of the Week: Modern Vintage

I often get so carried away with all the modern brands I find while thrifting that I forget to search for those precious vintage pieces. It's probably because they're also harder to shop for; sizing isn't always right, it may need to be altered (time to get rid of those shoulder pads!), and it can be hard to define between 'vintage' and 'junk' when it's on the hanger. If you find yourself with a piece you're not sure about, try it on anyway! Sometimes they really do look horrid on the hanger, but they can become beautifully fitted and feminine once you try it on. This dress looked pretty blah on the hanger, but I loved the colour and the length and I had a sneaking suspicion that it would have a slim fit. I'm so glad I tried it on! I loved soon as I got rid of those pesky shoulder pads...yuck.

For fear of looking like I came out of a time machine, I used modern accessories in solid colours to keep the look fresh. I love wearing nude heels with calf-length dresses and skirts because you look super tall and gives an overall elegant vibe. With a dress that is completely monochrome (even the belt!). It's a good idea to add a dose of colour and some detail in there, and a statement necklace works perfect for that!

Dress-Braemar Petites by Jeremy Scott(thrifted), Purse-my mom's, Necklace-Olivia Bib(Stella&Dot), Ring-Camilla Ring(Stella&Dot), Heels-Jessica Simpson(via Vince Camuto)

Happy Styling! xo


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