Friday, September 20, 2013

Vancouver Fashion Week: Spring/Summer 2014 Day 3

I knew we were in for a treat at Vancouver Fashion Week's Day 3 of runway shows when I saw Evan Clayton and Dandillion Wind Opaine on the schedule for the evening! And what a show it was: mussel shells and barnacle adornments, insect-like headpieces, models crawling down the's always a surprise with these two designers. Evan Clayton's collection Kin, was provocative as ever, with transparent corsets and sheer water-soaked fabrics; his collections are entirely different every time. Other designers shared unique visions, including Angela Huang, who demonstrated her ability to construct incredible creations on a simple white canvas. It was amazing how outstanding her designs were, even without any colours or patterns; her talent clearly spoke through her construction. Every collection on Day 2 brought an entirely different aesthetic to the runway, from designs that made you say 'I want that in my closet!' to 'What a showstopper!'. 

For my own attire, I countered the sex appeal of leather with the quirkiness of a Zara tee, and added some heavy accessories to make the look fashion week-ready. Leather has been a prominent fixture on and off the runway this week, from small details to whole tops or pants. It is definitely a hot item for this fall and spring!

Jacket-Zara(thrifted), Shirt-Zara(thrifted), Pants-Zara(thrifted), Shoes-Aldo(thrifted), Earrings-H&M, Necklace-Zara(thrifted)

Jesper Annerstedt:

Carolina Rojas:

esS.Jay Pret-a-porter:

Jenna Cotton:


Vivid Haiku:

Angela Huang:

Firan & Rose:

L'enfant terrible:

Unified Theory:

No Label Society:

Taran K. Cheema:

Evan Clayton:

Dandillion Wind Opaine:

Friends at Fashion Week! Tina (left) is another Vancouver fashion blogger- visit her here!

Happy Styling! xo


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