Monday, November 18, 2013

Look of the Week: Layering for Fall

I am learning the art of layering this fall, a style I have neglected in the past for fear of bulkiness. I've learned a key tip, though, that has made me love this great way of keeping warm this season. The first is to buy collared shirts a size up; I always felt too constricted in a collared shirt with a sweater over top; by sizing up, there's a little more room for comfort.There are 4 components to this look: an outer layer (vest, blazer, coat), a cardigan or sweater, a statement necklace, and a collared shirt. It's an easy way to look polished and preppy while staying cozy!

Vest-?, Shirt-Forever 21, Sweater-?(thrifted), Necklace-H&M, Glasses-Fendi, Jeans-Urban Planet, Boots-JustFab

Happy Styling! xo


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