Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Olympic Spirit: Fashion for the Winter & Snow

The Winter Olympics in Sochi have just come to a close, but I'm still in the spirit, since our spring weather just turned into winter weather over night, and we're now living in a snowy winter wonderland! Naturally, I had to represent our good ol' Canada with some iconic 2010 mittens, but I gave a nod to the Russians with a furry cossack hat too. I love faux fur, and this hat is such an awesome winter accessory...now I just wish I could wear it more without getting wierd stares...

I literally raced out the door for a photoshoot the second the snow started falling because I was so excited for an excuse to try out my brand new boots! I bought them during the holidays, after searching for years for an acceptable pair (keep my feet warm, yet are cute and not overly clunky). I love, love, love these boots, so if you're looking for a pair that will do the job and still look good, they come highly recommended! As if they couldn't get any better, they even roll down to show off a stylish fur lining and an adorable plaid tongue!

Sweater - Banana Republic (thrifted), Hat - Hat Attack New York (thrifted), Scarf - Winners, Mittens - The Bay, Jeans - Urban Planet, Boots - BearPaw Kayla (via Amazonsimilar)

Happy Styling! xo


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  1. Cute with the mittens! I should bring mine back out too! :)


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