Sunday, September 28, 2014

Prismatic Tour: Covergirl's Katy Perry in Vancouver

Now THIS was an experience! You know you have those days? When you don't know what to wear? Well, what are you supposed to wear to a concert to meet Katy Perry? It was definitely a tough decision. I decided on a retro-inspired outfit with crop top and skirt, both in colourful hues (reminiscent of Katy's every changing hair colour).  Before the show began, we were whisked away to the backstage area, where a special backstage lounge had been set up for us: there, we waited, snapped some #instaGLAM selfies, before the arrival of Katy herself! The singer / Covergirl was so sweet, and she had the most amazing eye liner on, I left thinking "hey, I gotta try that silver sparkly liner when I get home!" (she is a Covergirl after all,  of course her make-up was impeccable).

The Prismatic show was a total blast; we danced along while wearing our Covergirl prismatic glasses (which actually made the show even more awesome), and watched a giant floating champagne bottle and Covergirl lipstick (among other objects) drift across the stadium over the audience's heads! Definitely one glam night to remember!

Top-Urban Planet, Skirt-Zara Woman(thrifted), Jacket-Mustard Seed(via Tobi), Purse-Forever 21, Heels-Jessica Simpson(via Vince Camuto)

Happy Styling! xo



  1. wow! that's so awesome you got to meet her!

    xo T.

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