Monday, May 4, 2015

Eco Fashion Week: Upcycled Kimonos

Think being eco friendly can't be fashionable? Think again!

I attended Eco Fashion Week's media preview last month month, where they showcased the stunning kimonos you'll see below. They're so beautiful and detailed, would you believe they were made from old bed linens from the Fairmont Waterfront hotel?! Seven local designers took on the challenge of dyeing and constructing a kimono from these used linens...and the results are impressive! The patterns were each incredibly unique, and I really enjoyed the individual details, from gold foil to ruffles and hand-crafted flowers.

Unfortunately, I missed the rest of Eco Fashion Week due to work, but you can check out all the coverage, from the 68 Pound Challenge to the Thrift Chic Challenge, on Eco Fashion Week's Facebook Page!

Photo by Alfonso Arnold

President of Eco Fashion Week and Eco Stylist, Myriam Laroche speaking to the media

Photo by Alfonso Arnold

Marc Riese of La Biosthetique addresses the media, announcing their continued beauty partnership with Eco Fashion Week!

Myriam Laroche thrives in her vintage ensembles!

Lexi Soukoreff and Glencora Twigg

Sharon Zhang

Jasmin Dhillon

Bianca Barr

Jules Francisco

My-Linh Tran

Anna Talbot

Happy Styling! xo



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