Saturday, August 8, 2015

Beauty Review: Jergens In-Shower Moisturizer

A few bad sun burns later (oops!), so I'm all for a little TLC for my poor skin...

Luckily, at the recent London Drugs Beauty Event, I had a chance to connect with Jergens and find out about their brand new in-shower moisturizer ($9.99 at London Drugs) that locks in moisture when skin is most receptive- when it's wet! It comes in two soothing options : green tea oil or coconut oil. To match the green tea bottle I received, Jergens paired it perfectly with a Organic Silk Dragon Jasmine green tea from David's tea! The tea fanatic in me was thrilled!

Once you'd taken your shower, before drying off, pump some of Jergens' Moisturizer for Wet Skin  into your hand, distribute all over just as you would any other body lotion...and then pat dry with a towel. It absorbs super quick and doesn't feel greasy (which I'm very picky about usually). My skin feels super soft and hydrated, and is especially soothed in those areas that are - ahem - a little red right now thanks to the summer sun.

I can see this being particularly awesome when the cooler whether hits this fall, and dry skin starts to creep in. If you're looking for a new way to keep your skin supple and hydrated, give this one a try!

* Product c/o of Jergens at the London Drugs Beauty Event for review. All opinions are my own!

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

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