Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Vancouver Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018

The fall season is here, and so is fashion week season! As per usual, I had to catch at least a day of shows at Vancouver Fashion Week - after all, I'll never give up a change to dress up and see some incredible runway shows.

I had almost entirely forgot about this highlighter dress that I thrifted from Value Village months ago. And then I thought: what better time to wear it? I joke that this dress is the epitome of eco-friendly fashion, because it's actually from H&M's Conscious Collection (their eco-friendly capsule collection), but I didn't purchase it from the store, I bought it second hand from Value Village: doesn't get much more eco-friendly than that!

Keep reading below to see some of my favourite designers from Day 3 at fashion week.

[Photo by @simbaimages]

Atelier Guarin

If there is one collection that I could imagine myself wearing almost in its entirety, it would be Atelier Guarin's. The flared pants, ruffled sleeves and skirts, knee high boots with mini dresses...all of it! I'm especially in love with the pants and the mini dress you see below.

Autum Jules Designs

I always love being introduced to local, emerging fashion designers in Vancouver. Autum's collection is inspired by her indigenous Tinglit culture, from the traditional beadwork and moccasin boots, to the beautiful sequin dress you see below, which imitates the glistening of running water and Jules' deep connection to the earth. The collection covered a wide range of styles, from more traditional, to leather-clad and glittery glam.


These shoes are such a brilliant idea! Hunsel makes high end sneakers that you can completely customize. The front panel of the shoes can be switched out for whatever pattern you feel like. This is a really eco-friendly concept too: rather than buying 10 pairs of sneakers, all you need is one!


As much as I love seeing pieces on the runway that I would want to wear tomorrow, I also enjoy seeing some inspiring couture collections. And JAAJ certainly fit the bill! I was particularly drawn to the combination of leather and burlap: what an interesting combination, certainly something we don't see every day.

Madame Katjina

I really loved Madam Katjina's collection. Definitely lots of 'badass woman' vibes here. I've always been a bit fan of mixing leather with more feminine details like lace. And what I also really enjoyed seeing was the addition of embroidery! Right on trend. What was also eye-catching was the puffy collars seen on some of the pieces. A unique feature I haven't really seen before.

Mouton Blanc

This was definitely a very moody collection, and I totally loved it! Why? Because of the combination of dark, edginess and traditional business wear. You can see the work wear shapes are there: the loosely tailored pants, the button up top, the lapels...and yet Mouton Blanc puts a serious twist on all that with its goth-like style.

[Runway Photos by Getty Images for VFW Management]

In case your wondering which talented humans were creating all those amazing runway hairstyles, the team at REDKEN was behind the scenes! They were even on-hand to do hair touch-ups in between shows, so I took them up on it and had some fun waves added to my 'do. I wish I could have someone do my hair like this everyday!

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

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