Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Where to Find Affordable Boots for Fall & Winter (That Are Super Comfortable)

You all know I love a good fashion find that's also affordable. But sometimes it's tricky to get a good deal that's also good quality. When I went on the hunt for a couple of good pairs of fall/winter boots that fit those requirements, I ended up somewhere unexpected: Mark's. Yes, you read that right. Mark's. The same place my dad would buy jeans from when I was a kid. Not exactly where I would have thought to find stylish women's boots! I was skeptical at first too, but trust me.

The selection of women's boots was quite good, and I actually had a pretty tough time narrowing it down to just two pairs. The styles were all relatively casual, making them a good match for styling with your everyday outfits. Even better, the prices were all really reasonable. What I noticed right away was the fit and quality of the boots, too. I usually sacrifice fit and comfort a bit if I find a pair I like the look of, but all the boots I tried on there fit so well - like they were made for my feet. I thought that was interesting, because they're obviously all different brands of shoes, but it was consistent when I tried on the different styles. And many of them had nice cushions in the soles - a luxury I'm not used to and very much appreciated!

 I ended up picking out two awesome pairs of ankle boots that I figured would be able to work with a wide range of my fall/winter outfits. The first pair you'll see in the photos below is the Denver Hayes Veronica Western Ankle Boots ($79.99), and the second is the Alfred Sung Megan Heel Booties ($79.99). I figured the Denver Hayes boots would be great for my more casual outfits, while the Alfred Sungs would be better for my more "chic" outfits (see the second set of photos below for that outfit).

The Denver Hayes boots have a low heel, with that nice cushioned sole I was telling you about. My older suede ankle boots from a few years ago had absolutely no cushion to them, and had actually become pretty uncomfortable to wear, so these are an awesome upgrade. Great for walking all day. And the light beige colour goes with a huge chunk of my fall outfits.

Keep reading to see the Denver Hayes boots first, and then the Alfred Sung boots below!

Boots - Denver Hayes Women's Veronica Western Ankle Boots (c/o Mark's) | Scarf - (similar) | Vest - Sirens (similar) | Sweater - Forever 21 (similar) | Jeans - American Eagle (thrfited) | Glasses - c/o Clearly | Purse - thrifted | Necklace - c/o BEL Jewelry Boutique

I totally fell for the metal detailing on the Alfred Sung booties. They also have a nice mixed-texture design, that has a faux-snakeskin pattern on the back part of the boot. Plus, there's that elastic on the sides indicative of the 'Chelsea' style of boot. Overall, the look is really chic and modern. They seriously fit so well too!

The heel on these is even lower that the Denver Hayes', which makes them great for lots of walking. Plus, once again, there's that super cushy sole inside too. I've definitely noticed that the older I get, the more practical I get with my footwear. My high high-heels have slowly become replaced with ones like these - and I'm totally ok with that. Our personal style is constantly evolving, after all.

 Boots - Alfred Sung Women's Megan Heel Booties  (c/o of Mark's| Duster jacket - c/o Babaton Quincey (via Aritzia) | Sweater - c/o Uniqlo |  Purse - Karl Lagerfeld via The Bay (similar) | Jeans - Simons | Watch - Etsy

Which pair is your favourite? If you're stumped on where to look for new fall/winter boots, Mark's should definitely be a stop on your shopping trip!

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Mark's. As always, opinions are entirely my own!


  1. Wearing boots is def one of my favorite things about fall! I'm also loving that cozy fur vest in your first outfit!

    Paulo Paradox | www.pauloparadox.com

  2. Great post, I like it, fantastic outfits :)

    new post

  3. Love both outfits and love your blog, wanna follow each other?:)



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