Friday, June 1, 2018

My Nighttime Skincare Routine

I love a good night time skincare routine. I think it's a good way to take some time for yourself each evening, not only to give your skin some TLC, but also as a ritual to wind down before bed. I've been testing a whole bunch of new beauty products lately, and have incorporated a few of them into my current night time skincare routine. Check out the video below to see the whole routine, and keep scrolling to get some more details about why I'm loving these products!

Vivier C E Peptides

Once I wash my face, I apply a couple drops of Vivier's C E Piptides (mine are from all over my face and neck. It's a very thin solution, and dries invisible. It basically feels like a serum, and very fast-absorbing.

Apparently, the Vitamin C can cause slight tingling but I never experienced any. It's formulated using pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid USP), Vitamin E and a patented combination of peptides. The result? It claims to help damaged skin look and feel younger. So even if you're not as concerned with anti-aging, repairing environmental damage to your skin is another added bonus!

Laboratoire Dr. Renauld Purse Overnight Youth Concentrate

We all have to face the realities of aging at some point, but some anti-aging skincare sure couldn't hurt! This luxe anti-aging overnight cream from is a great way to fight the signs of aging while you sleep, but also just smells and feels good on the skin. Besides the benefits of anti-aging, I just love how supple and refreshed my skin looks the next day!

The formula uses the power of Kronoxyl-9, which Laboratoire Dr Renauld calls an exclusive anti-aging complex, along with Hyaluronic Acid and Tasmanian Pepper Extract to smooth the skin and erase fatigue signs for younger-looking skin.

I apply a thick layer to the skin, and then wash my face to clean any excess in the morning.

Lise Watier Age Control Supreme Le Creme Subime Yeux

A good eye cream is a must in my night time skincare routine as well. I was introduced to the Lise Watier Age Control Supreme pressed serum at a London Drugs event, and have been testing it out lately. I love the metal applicator, which feels so nice and cooling on the eye as you apply the cream. I don't have a ton of wrinkles around my eyes yet, but I'm using this more as of a preventative measure.

Pressed serums are just one of the many beauty innovations from Korea, that basically combines the effectiveness of a serum with the benefits of a cream - all compressed into one formula. The formula also needs to have at least 60% or more of active ingredients to be considered a pressed serum (this pressed serum has 81% active ingredients). Basically, it's more bang for your buck.

The pressed serum is packed with Lise Watier's signature Labrador Tea Extract, which Lise Watier claims is the most powerful antioxidant (and it's cultivated in Canada's Boreal forest!). Overall, the formula claims to help erase the signs of fatigue and give you a bright-eyed look. If you have dark circles, it should be able to help with those too - reducing the blue/red and brown colour, sunken look and puffiness. I don't really get much in terms of dark circles, so I can't speak to that much. But on the days my eyes are a little puffier, this does make a difference!

Clinique Pep-Start Pout Restoring Night Mask

This is probably my favourite part of my night time routine. I always apply a good lip balm at night so that I wake up with moisturized lips, but I definitely feel like I'm upping my game with a lip mask. This Clinique Pout Restoring Night Mask feels like a thick gloss, sitting on the lips all night rather than simply absorbing in and disappearing. When I wake up, it usually feels like I just have a light balm left of my lips.

Happy Beauty Sleep! xo

~ Britta

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