Saturday, February 9, 2019

Sweet & Pink Valentine's (or Galentine's) Day Makeup

We're just days away from Valentine's Day, so I'm pulling out all my pretty pink makeup for today's look! I think most people's Valentine's plans seem to be more on the low-key side, so rather than a dramatic look, I thought I'd create something more wearable that would work for a casual date night or a Galentine's celebration! All the details are below, just keep on scrolling!

I've been looking for an opportunity to test run the new CoverGirl Exhibitionist mascara, so this turned out to be the perfect time. You know I'm a big mascara junkie, and CoverGirl was the first mascara (the old pinky-red 'Professional' bottle) I fell in love with. So I usually have pretty high hopes when they launch something new. Oddly enough though, when I gave this one a quick test, I felt a bit underwhelmed. It didn't really seem to add much volume (which is important for me). I ended up putting the cap back on and leaving it untouched for a couple of weeks. BUT...when I reopened the mascara to give it another shot with this Valentine's look, I found the formula was actually great! Lots of length and volume. Sometimes I do find some mascaras need some time to 'sit' after opening for the first time before they're good to go. This seems to be the case with the Exhibitionist. If you're patient, it's definitely worth the wait! No clumping, no flaking, no smudging all day, just beautiful lashes. Perfect for Valentine's Day. PS. In case you haven't heard...CoverGirl is now cruelty-free, and Leaping Bunny certified!!

I also want to make sure to mention the eyeliner I used for this look, as it's been a looooong time since I gave a new eyeliner a shot. I'm very picky, and have stuck to my usual waterproof Annabelle Exaggerate Eye Liner for years now. I haven't had the best experience with marker-type liners in the past. They just always seem to be dried out and tug on the eyelid as I apply. But not this baby! The Makeup Revolution Renaissance Flick Eyeliner is fabulous. At least after a couple weeks of use, it hasn't dried out at all, and doesn't pull as I draw my usual cat-eye. The black colour is intense, and stays on all day with no smuding - even though it's not waterproof, like my usual liner.

The other product I really wanted to feature in this look is the Annabelle Chrome Single Eyeshadow in Chromium (you can find it at London Drugs). I absolutely love this formulation. I picked up the shade Mercury a couple years back, which makes a simple yet gorgeous metallic smokey eye. The shade Chromium is a nice subtle, shimmery light pink, which is equally as gorgeous. The texture of these shadows is creamy (despite them looking more like a powder in the package). I just apply them to my lids using my finger to dab on the pigment.

Lastly, it's all about the lips! Rimmel's Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick is one of my favourite matte lipstick formulations, and the shade Rose & Shine is such a lovely shade of pink for this Valentine's Day look. It has a nice light scent (reminds me of the Rimmel lip glosses I had as a kid), and it feels so comfortable and not at all drying on the lips.

Oh I lied - one more thing!! I wanted to give my nails a little TLC, using Essie's new Treat Love & Colour Strengthener in the shade Sheers to You. Rather than a regular clear strengthener, this one has such a pretty subtle pink shimmer to it. It's nice and low maintenance because it's still so sheer, but it also stayed on quite well throughout the week. It's a great way to show your nails some love.

I've also linked to the rest of the products I've used for this pretty pink look - foundation, contour, etc. so you can find all of those below!

Happy Valentine's Day! xo

~ Britta


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