Thursday, March 26, 2020

The 'It' Skirt: Silk & Snakeskin

One of the biggest 'it' clothing items last year was the leopard silk skirt. It was pretty much on every blogger's feed at some point or another, whether it was with sky-high heels or bright white sneakers. The blogger community proved how versatile a silky mid-length skirt could be. When I spotted this silky (it's actually satin, not silk) snakeskin skirt on SheIn for only $15, I thought hey, maybe this can be this year's iteration of the leopard silk skirt!

I do love the versatility of it, and thought I'd wear it for my last afternoon tea date with LegalLee Blonde a couple months back. I wanted a chic but cozy vibe, as the wear was still pretty cold, so I paired it with an oversized (read: men's) cashmere sweater that I thrifted from Value Village ages ago. By the way, seriously, if you've always wanted a cashmere sweater, just drop by your local thrift store, I've found so many high quality cashmere sweaters while thrifting! To top things off, I thought I'd wear my pearl hair clips (also from SheIn, and only $4!!) and my favourite Kam Dhillon Park Avenue glasses from Clearly.

Most importantly, you're probably wondering...where did we go for such an adorable and delectable afternoon tea? Our favourite spot in Vancouver, Neverland Tea! They have the absolute best savoury and sweet offerings (in regular, vegan or gluten-free!) for a reasonable price, and their teas are fantastic too. I love that they make every pot of tea fresh (not simply adding water when you run out), and they have a huge variety of teas. I recommend the Heavenly Cream. Oh and did I mention, the shop is absolutely adorably decorated? It's worth popping in for some tea if you're ever in the area! I know for now though, we're staying home to stay, so if you still want to try them out from home, they're offering takeout services and delivery within Vancouver!

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

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