Wednesday, February 9, 2022

A Slice of Paris (Angelina Paris!) at Home

 Having the chance to visit Angelina Paris was such a special experience. Maybe it's because the first time I tried to visit while in Paris several years ago with my girlfriends, it was closed and I was devastated. Fast forward another several years, and I was finally able to visit Paris once again, and of course Angelina Paris was on the top of my must-visit list. It was just as amazing as I'd hoped it would be: the most gorgeous and luxurious Parisian tea house, with ornate and charming decor, and impeccably-designed pastries. They are most well known for their signature Mont Blanc (which is made with meringue, light whipped cream, and chesnut vermicelli) and their famous hot chocolate. I'll share more about visiting their tea room another time. Today, I just want to talk about their hot chocolate!

 I picked up a tin of their hot chocolate mix while I was there, and it's been a nice way to transport myself back to Paris with just a sip. I make it with hot milk, and a tower of whipped cream on the side. Having a little dish of whipped cream on the side, to add to hot chocolate or coffee seems to be regular practice from what I could see in Paris. I pulled out my best teacups and gold spoons (from the Buckingham Palace shop on a previous trip to London) too for this occasion.

Of course, when creating your own Paris fantasy at home, it requires a Parisian outfit that is fitting of the scene! This beautiful Louis Vuitton BB Bandeau I'm wearing here was the most wonderful gift from my cousin Angela while I was visiting her in Luxembourg. It's in the quintessential Monogram Forever LV pattern, and makes such a versatile accessory. In addition to being a beautiful hair tie and handbag accessory, it looks excellent tied around the neck. It's a classic luxury piece to have in your wardrobe. As for the rest of the look, my beret is from a local hat shop here on Granville Island, my cashmere sweater was a thrifted find from Value Village, and the blazer is from H&M. And voilà, a Parisian-perfect outfit for a 'visit' to Angelina Paris. Now excusez-moi while I sip my hot chocolate while playing a french playlist on Spotify...

Have you been to Angelina Paris before? If you've been to Paris, what's your favourite cafe or tea house there? I'd love to get your recommendations for future trips!

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Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

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