Friday, November 18, 2011

Look of the Week: First Snow Day

It's here! The first real snowfall of the season fell last night, and made for a beautiful winter wonderland today. I go to university on a mountain, so it was much snowier here than everywhere else in Vancouver. Due to being stuck at school until 10 last night because of the snow, I decided to bundle up this more wearing flats!The great thing about this coat is the neckline. The high collar means you can go without a scarf and still keep your neck nice and warm. It even keeps your face out of the cold if you do the 'turtle'! My boots were originally folded over at the top, but I cut the elastics holding them down to make them thigh-highs! Now they keep me that much warmer: especially when I add thigh-high socks!

My Nana's beret, which I also wore here, is making a comeback this week. It gets a lot of use in the winter months; I'm not a big fan of tuques, so this hat is the perfect fix! Not to mention it's my favourite colour. If you're looking for a classy fall alternative to the tuque, this is a great one!Happy styling!

Beret-My Nana’s, Coat-Urban Behaviour, Sweater-Forever 21, Tights-Seduction, Socks-Ardene, Boots-Sirens, Purse-Guess

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  1. Great blog, I like to see old posts and I can see one of my favorite style, I'm a great fan of boots and I find how you are chic in this look ! ♥ ♥ ♥

    hello from France !


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