Monday, November 7, 2011

Look of the Week: Fall Flavour

Me and my photographer took a trip to Stanley Park last week. Our goal was to get some photos that really captured the fall atmosphere at its best: brightly colored leaves, crisp air...and of course we can't forget the rain (this is Vancouver, remember). I used to go to Stanley Park a lot more as a kid, so it was great to just wander along the paths and take it all in again.

I wanted to put a spotlight on the quintessential fashion item of the fall season: the trench coat! This one has little ruffles on the top and bottom, which gives it an exponentially more girly feel. I am a big fan of beige and ivory this season (as you will see in my upcoming Fall Colours post), and the jacket and sweater are two of my current favorites.

My boots have being getting a lot of attention since I picked them up from Zellers a few weeks ago. Yes, that's right: Zellers! I hadn't been there in years, but they feature a few different really stylish footwear options, which are also SO much cheaper. It just so happens that Steve Madden has an almost identical pair of boots to mine, but they're charging $20 more than what I got mine for! They've got a bit of a heel to them, but I've been wearing them non-stop and they're actually quite comfy. This style of lace-up boot is all over the stores this season, so if you're looking for a pair, you won't have to look far!

Lastly, this was a test-run for a hair-do I've been meaning to try for a while. The volume I got was thanks to some super cheap, plastic doughnut-shaped sponges I picked up from the dollar store. You just snake your ponytail through the center and arrange the hair around it, keeping together with an elastic around the sponge. If you need more step-by-step instructions, just ask! It really only takes a few minutes to do once you've tried it once or twice.

Trench Coat-Kensie, Shirt-Eye Shadow, Jeans–Urban Planet, Boots-Zellers, Necklace–from my boyfriend, Scarf-H&M, Purse-Guess

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Location:Stanley Park

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  1. Laced up heeled neutral toned boots are all the rage in Paris right now - but with skinnier laces than the ones I see on yours. Noooo idea how French girls can walk in them on wet cobblestone streets - until I took a closer look and they have rubber soles!

    Conclusion: I need my own pair.



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