Thursday, February 16, 2012

Look of the Week: Prep and Cobalt Blue

Looks like outfits are requiring a little less bundling up now! A sign that spring is on the way!
It's time to inject a little more bright colour into the wardrobe from now on...

One of my best friends was asking how to style red lipstick in a way that isn't as retro. So let this Look of the Week be inspiration for a look you can use some fierce scarlet and not feel like you're from the 40's (although, I personally never mind feeling like that!). The look is very preppy, but I've swapped out strict pumps for some that are a little more fun...and very high! Truth is out: I couldn't walk in them very long, but I love them :)

I've got lots planned for the next couple weeks, so expect more posts to come! I have a makeup tutorial coming up, and I'm planning on doing my basic makeup routine, but if you have another look you'd like me to walk you through, let me know!
You'll also see more photos from my shoot today, a cute baking project, and another one of my own designs being showcased here for the first time!

Happy Styling!

Sweater-Hollister, Jeans-Be-1, Blazer-vintage, Crest Pin-Aldo Accessories, Scarf-vintage, Disco Bangle-Forever 21, Heels-g:21


  1. i heart the last pic britt. LOVE- Nance

    1. yeah bottom of my shoooes! :) thank you my bestest fan!! <3

  2. Your makeup looks very pretty, as well as you in this outfit. I love the cobalt pumps! xx

  3. Love the shoes! I found your blog on the ModCloth Style Ambassadors FB page...and I'm a fellow Canadian!


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