Thursday, February 23, 2012

Look of the Week: Styled by the boyfriend

I was curious this week as to what guys really think of what we fashion-forward girls wear. I've seen blog posts by other fashion bloggers before, who said their boyfriends/husbands didn't really 'get' what they were wearing. Sometimes, it's true, we wear rather unflattering pieces in the name of high fashion...and I think they just kind of accept it. But I wanted to know, if they had the choice, what would they have us wear? I thought I would put my boyfriend to the test and have him style an outfit based on what I have in my closet!
Now, obviously this brings up a whole other issue of who you dress for, be it for yourself, your man, your friends, or passerby. I'd say I dress to feel good about myself, by defining who I am, but I definitely want to look extra good for my man too :)

I felt so fantastically vintage and pretty all day, I absolutely loved it. I've never tried something like this in my hair (also his idea, by the way) and I'm definitely going to try it again with different scarves. I was extra proud that wearing this look downtown got me spotted by blogger Frock of Ages, as you saw in my post here! So what you you think? Did he do a good job?

He also requested that this outfit be paired with some equally lovely little muffin treats (which here are blueberry). It's true, I never see mini muffins anywhere; mini cupcakes are much easier to come by. But these are perfect for a quick breakfast on the go! I must admit, they really are adorable, and look perfect on the new 3-tiered platter I recently purchased. The day of shooting was complete with some Cream Earl Grey tea and a couple of the bite-sized treats. Yum!

Coat-Urban Behaviour, Dress-Mystic(from Sirens), Belt-Urban Behaviour, Headscarf-Vintage, Bag-Joe, Gloves-Vintage(a Christmas gift from my lovely neighbour!), Hosiery-LaSenza, Heels-ParkWest


  1. Wow. Your boyfriend did a pretty good job. You've got me intrigued to see what my boyfriend would put together. I may "borrow" this idea and do a similar post...crediting you of course!

    1. Oooh that would be awesome! Let me know if you do, I'd love to see what hidden talent all these guys are hiding :) it would be really interesting to get a bunch of girls doing this!


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