Monday, March 19, 2012

Vancouver Blogger Clothing Sale

If you follow me on twitter, you should already know about the Vancouver Blogger Clothing Sale which happened at the Waldorf Hotel this past Saturday. A handful of Vancouver's fashion bloggers were there, including Coco and Vera, To Vogue or Bust, Her Waise Choice, Nina on the Moon, Alison Elle, The Unprecedented, The Doctors Closet, Miss Melissa, Alicia Fashionista, Angela Matina, Prairie Girl in the City, Style Struck, and Glitter in my Viens.

It was an amazing sight to see so many incredibly fashionable girls lined up around the block to get in! The event went off without a hitch, and me and my photographer/bestie were there just in time to be one of the first 50 people in line! This means we were the lucky recipients of some awesome swag bags! There were all kinds of discount codes and coupons in there, and even a lovely set of bracelets courtesy of the adorable Vancouver shop Barefoot Contessa!

Once inside, I could felt anxiety like I was about to go Boxing Day shopping. So many clothes, so many new people to meet! And all for super cheap! But we took our time and moved from table to table, and browsed the great selection of pieces. I found four new items to clothes to add to my closet, which I am very excited to style here on my blog over the next little while!The first was an adorable sky blue polka dot dress for summer, as well as a royal blue skirt with a skinny gold belt: both from the cloest of Cee of Coco and Vera. I love her classic style and these pieces will fit perfectly into my wardrobe. I also picked up a gorgeous full black skirt from Alicia Fashionista and a cute shirt to match from To Vogue or Bust!

It was so exciting to finally meet the girls behind the blogs I've been following- and they were just as stylish and lovely in person as they are on their blogs! All in all, the sale was a great success. Here's some photos we took from the event:

Me and the lovely Anna of Definitely Anna, another Vancouver blogger!


  1. Oh we are so cute! The pictures turn out great in the lighting!


  2. britt you look like a professional shopper for the stars in these pics! -Nance <3

    Lovely to see pics of chantale! very pretty!

    1. Haha except I got to keep everything I bought- even better!

      You have no idea..she tried to delete them all, but I found one!!


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