Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Inspiration Board

Since it actually SNOWED here's seriously necessary to start thinking about spring. Positive thinking, right??? Here's some more spring inspiration to follow up the previous Look of the Week! Those pastel colours are everywhere. Throw on a cozy sweater to make the transition a little easier, and start wearing those sheer pale beauties sooner!

1,4,6a,8,13,15,17,18 – WeHeartIt, 2 - MildChaos, 3 – Shabby Apple, 5 - HighStreetCardigans, 6 - Fashiolista, 7 - Emily00694, 9 - FashionLeaka, 10 - GaryPepperVintage, 11 – Valentino, via DustJacketAttic, 12 – unknown, 14 - BeigeIsDead, 16 - Fashiolista, 19 - Adore-Vintage, 20 – DustJacketAttic, 21 - Kerti


  1. yay its my fav palette. Pastels!! love this it is gorgeous!-Nance

  2. Beautiful!

  3. so nice to meet you on saturday!! :) following your blog now! Xox

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