Saturday, May 26, 2012

Inspiration: Bright Summer Colours

I've combined all of my favourite colourful images I've collected over the last couple years to get you all inspired for summer 2012! Look at all those talented and gorgeous bloggers out there sporting their brightest! Think bold accents and accessories, and colour blocking this season.

1-weheartit, 2-WhatWeAreWearing, 3-OhMyVogue, 4-StyleScrapbook, 5-TickleYourFancy, 6-GaryPepper, 7-WhatWeAreWearing, 8-wehearit, 9-MyStylePill, 10-AgnijaGrigule, 11- VictoriaTornegren, 12-SomethingLikeAnna, 13-MyStylePill, 14-LOULOU Magazine, 15-Lookbook, 16-weheartit, 17-weheartit, 18-GoodLooksAndGrace, 19-AtlanticPacific, 20-wehearit, 21-Lookbook, 22-FashionWorship, 23-TheMannequinMD, 24-AscensionStyle

1 comment:

  1. great collage! i especially love the neon yellow skirt! thanks for sharing

    Glass of Fashion


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