Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Look of the Week: Café and Lavender

My dream of sitting at a café in France can only be partially be fulfilled. And when I mean partially, I mean I can at least dress the part! I found this breezy shirt-dress on my girl's shopping trip to the states a couple weeks ago. I often find it hard to have that efforlessly chic look that Parisian women seem to emmulate. This dress is my attempt at accomplishing something comparable. Oh and of course, I haven't suddenly abandoned my colour binge: here I snuck in a bit of bright pink in my lipstick and my heels, just to keep me from looking washed out by the beige. This is the first asymmetrical hemline I've owned; I think I'm a fan of the style now, what do you think? Would this be a trend you would try?

You might be wondering what that thing is sitting on the table with me. Yes, that is my lovely ipad! Oh and there's a bushel of lavender- because I'm currently obsessed with it. But isn't that ipad case like nothing you've seen before? This is why I love the store Winners! It can even prop up your ipad so it's easier to use!

Happy Styling! xo


Sunglasses-Steve Madden, Shirt dress-Passport (Ross Dress for Less), Shoes-Zara (thrifted), Purse-MK (Winners)


  1. Although you may not be in Paris, but definitely have an effortlessly Parisian chic vibe in this look. I love your shirt dress and especially those shoes with the pink heel - how cute! (And what a steal, too, based on what I saw in another post!) Your little bouquet is the perfect accessory, too :)

  2. i love this outfit! especially the colorblocked heels!

    Glass of Fashion

  3. Absolutely adore this look of yours! The beige tunic looks lovely on you & the high-low hemline is so perfectly on trend. The pops of pink also work really well here. I can't believe you got that gorgeous ipad case from Winners - what a fabulous find! :)

    <3 Shawna
    Serpentine Streets

  4. Beige suits you really well and I love your heels.
    xoxo from Paris


  5. Yes, same comment as Cee :
    "Although you may not be in Paris, but definitely have an effortlessly Parisian chic vibe in this look."


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