Sunday, June 24, 2012

DIY Project: Strapless to Halter Dress

If you can't start wearing those summer dresses quite might as well get them prepared for when it's finally warm enough!

Now, how many of you can't stand strapless dresses? I'm going to go ahead and assume a lot of you just sighed in frustration at the thought of pulling that damn dress up all day long. It's annoying, right? I bought this great dress from Urban Behaviour a couple years ago, but the top is a little loose, and it's not very comfortable without straps to hold it up. The solution? Make it into a halter dress!

To do this, you're obviously going to need matching fabric. Lucky for me, the dress came with a matching belt, so there's my fabric! Then find matching thread, and get yourself a needle and scissors.

You're going to loop the belt (or fabric) from one end of the top of the dress to the other. Pin them to the dress and then try it on to make sure the straps are in the right place.

As you can see, I chose to keep the belt intact. That way, if I ever chose to, I could use it as a belt again. If it bugs you, you can always cut off the buckle. You'll see below that the buckle just sits inside the dress, and can't be seen.

Use a thick needle and sew the belt (or fabric) to the dress, where you've pinned it.

When you're done that, you're finished! No more annoying strapless dress that you have to keep pulling up all night.

Good luck with your own DIY projects; let me know if you try this one!

Happy Styling! xo


Dress-Urban Behaviour, Belt-Urban Behaviour, Shoes-Wanted (via Army&Navy shoe sale)


  1. such a pretty dress! xo

  2. aww it looks so much better with the straps!


  3. This is so cute and such a great DIY idea,the dress is gorgeous and with the new DIY'd halter strap the dress has more of a fifties look,I'm the same with strapless dresses,so thank you for the tip :)
    Love your blog,following and I hope your having a lovely day x

  4. the dress is so cute, and turning it into a halter dress is such a great idea! xx

  5. Nice idea, strapless are great but if you have to keep on pulling up then its no fun.

  6. oh don't you even tell me about strapless dresses and tops! I literally hate those :P but hey, what a brilliant idea to create those straps by yourself. I have some tops which are in great need of straps, so I should defintely give it a try.
    your floral dress, btw, looks beautiful together with that waist-belt! oh and thank you for the comment and follow! of course I followed back :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  7. I love you're style! I follow u, dear :)
    A lot of kisses.

  8. that is a good idea! because a lot of times tube dresses doesn't fit on me properly lol

  9. lovely idea
    love your blog, you are gorgeous... let's follow each other?
    the land of miabelle

  10. What a great idea to use that belt to turn it into a halter dress. Lovely!

    xo Leonie

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  11. cute! that dress turned out great : )

  12. just came across your blog, another canadian blogger! yayy!! love your style miss!

  13. I do not remotely have the sewing skills that would be required for this kind of DIY, but I loved seeing it, anyway! Strapless dress are the bane of my existence. Not only the pulling up part, but the strapless bra part. When you reach a certain level of curvy, you just can't go braless and that adds a whole fun new dimension to wearing strapless dresses - or rather, avoiding them like the plague :) Your redone halter dress turned out beautifully. The purple shade suits you so well!

  14. Love your outfit!
    The dress is amazing :)

  15. you are really so pretty as a flower :D
    many kisses <3

  16. great idea!!! your dress is beautiful and you look so lovely !

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