Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Love: DIY Glitter Heels

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! In honour of such a lovely day, I thought I would share with you something red and sparkly! If my last DIY post left you wanting a little more glitter, well I have the perfect fix for you! I was really to part with these super-comfy heels, until I discovered this pin on Pinterest, which gave me some inspiration to revive them.

Like my last DIY, you don't require anything too fancy to do this project: just an old pair of shoes, some liquid glue, water, fine glitter, a paint brush (in my case, an old make-up brush), and a container for the glue.

I stuffed the shoes with a plastic bag to keep some of the glitter out of the inside of the shoe: a tip I learned here. It turns out, it makes the shoes easier to hold onto while you're applying the glue too.

Most websites seem to recommend using Mod Podge, but I'm lazy (and cheap) so I decided to do a 1:0.5 mixture of liquid glue and water instead. I'm sure Mod Podge would work better, but I had no problems with my concoction! Just empty the bottle of glue into your container, and then fill the empty bottle up half way with water and add it too to the container.

Once you have your mixture in the container, put on the lid and shake well.

Paint on a layer of the glue mixture with your brush. Only do 1 shoe before adding glitter, otherwise the glue with dry before you get to putting the glitter on!

Once you've covered the shoe in layer of glue, start shaking on the glitter! Prepare yourself with lots of paper towel: you are going to make a mess. Press down lightly on the glitter once you've covered the shoe, just to make sure it sticks.

Shake of the excess glitter and let sit to dry. Start on the second shoe!

Once you're done both shoes...

Grab some hairspray and spray each shoe to make sure that glitter doesn't go anywhere!

And you're all done. Now just tap your heels together three times and say 'there's no place like home'!

If you decide to make your own pair of DIY glitter heels, tweet me a pic to @vancouvervogue of the finished product so I can share them with everyone!

Happy Styling! xo


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