Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thrifty Thursday

I never know what I'm going to find...but I'm always happily surprised! An extra plus to shopping at Salvation Army in the new year: they are running a stamp card program which will give you an extra perk for shopping frequently. Make 10 purchases and get the next purchase 50% off (and there's no limit on how much that purchase can be!).

Fur is the quintessential winter accessory. It makes you feel that much cozies in an instant! I always take a quick browse through the Vests section: there's always such a great variety, from tailored business vests, to puffy vests, to something like the one below.

Store: Salvation Army
Brand: ?
Section: Vests
What I Paid: $6.99
What it's Worth: ?

This is the most well fitted blouse I have ever found. Hands down. This Banana Republic tailored non-iron blouse is a must-have...but I definitely like this price tag better!

Store: Salvation Army
Brand: Banana Republic
Section: Blouses
What I Paid: $5.99
What it Costs In-Store: $74

I love my ruffled neutral-toned trench, but this fire engine red was just to hot to pass up!

Store: Salvation Army
Brand: Vero Moda
Section: Jackets
What I Paid: $8.99
What it's Worth: ~ $70

Happy Styling! xo


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  1. Awesome finds! That blouse looks like it fits great!


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