Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Look of the Week: Polka Dots and Yellow Heels

 Last week I was given the opportunity to attend a meet & greet  with local beauty Jessica Kruger at London Drugs Coquitlam, who for the last year has been the brand ambassador for Lise Watier's fragrance Something Sweet.

A Burnaby native and all-around fantastic woman, Jessica is not only raising awareness about the capabilities of quadriplegics, but is inspiring others that beauty is something everyone has. "Beauty isn't something people can tell you you have; it comes from within. No one but you tells you if you're beautiful or not." Jessica explained during her Q&A. We've heard people say many times that beauty comes from within, but I am particularly fond of the way Jessica sees it. She truly is a beautiful woman who is wise beyond her years.

The fragrance itself is just as sweet as Jessica. She listed off the combined scents: champagne, chocolate mousse. rainbow sorbet, raspberry, and accents of melon. She had me at 'champagne'! It is delectably sweet, indeed.

And to end of the event, the make-up artists of Lise Watier tried out their brand new eye shadow palette and fabulous matte lipstick out on me...and I must say the pops of colour were extremely welcome on the rainy day that it was! The eye shadow palette has a nice mix of bright colours and more subtle tones, which work well for toning down or amping up a look for day/night. The final look is at the very end of the post. To try out the look yourself, find Lise Watier products at your local London Drugs beauty counter!

Jacket-Zara(thrifted), Shirt-Suzy Shier, Necklace-Stella&Dot, Purse-Forever21, Jeans-Parasuco(via Winners), Shoes-Aldo(thrifted)

Happy Styling! xo


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