Thursday, May 1, 2014

Eco Fashion Week: Thrift Chic & 68lb Challenge Presented by Value Village

I have been looking forward to the Thrift Chic and 68lb Challenge at Eco Fashion Week for quite a while now! As an avid thrifter, nothing feels closer to home than a series of fashion shows dedicated to thrifted fashion. In honour of the 8th season of Eco Fashion Week, I put together an outfit of thrifted items to show just what the possibilities are. I hope that events like this really convince people that thrifted clothes don't have to be frumpy grandpa sweaters and ill-fitting pants: there are so many treasures, new and old that can transform your wardrobe into one that is unique and fashionable.

         Shirt-Forever21(thrifted), Skirt-Éclat(thrifted), Earrings-can't remember!, Ring-Forever21, Belt-thrifted, Shoes-Aldo(thrifted),                  Purse-JustFab

Kassandra, blogger and designer of Kassinka, in bright spring colours!

With the blogger and TV host extraordinare Samantha Sito of Obsessive Trend Invitation (her outfit is totally thrifted too!)

The fashionable talent behind Eco FashionWeek: Myriam LaRoche

Bumped into Stephanie Hung of Nina Tan Design (you can see my interview with her from VFW here)! So excited to be collaborating with her soon!

Thrift Chic Challenge

 The thrift chic challenge really was everything I hoped it would be! I was excited to see collections that were 'runway ready'; something I think really surprises people, knowing the clothes are thrifted from Value Village. All 3 stylists/designers were given $500 each to shop the thrift store in search of everything they needed to create a runway collection.

Ghazal Elhaei: Man Up
Ghazal's collection of gentleman-inspired suits was so polished and refined; it was a great example of how thrifted outfits don't have to be over-the-top (think Macklemore). The men's patterned socks were the perfect addition. And the slightly cropped trousers? I think I feel a new trend coming on...

Jerome Insorio
Talk about beautiful pastels! Jerome did a fantastic job of finding hues that are right on trend: something people may not expect to find in a thrift store. The pieces themselves were individually quite impressive as well: the pants were trendy, and looked just like you would expect right off the rack in a high end retail store!

Hey Jude
This collection may not necessarily fit with my style, but I think the fashion duo did a great job playing with monochrome palettes and boxy silhouettes (think wide leg trousers and oversized tops). It was funny because the second I saw Lauren Clarke and Lyndsey Chow come out at the end of the show, the whole collection made sense to me: in their own thrifted outfits, they really pulled off the collection's look effortlessly!

Contemporary dance with recycled clothing as our entertainment for the evening

68lb Challenge

Young Oak
What a fun collection! Tammy Joe really made the 68 pounds of fabric go to good use. The average person wastes 68 pounds of clothing every year, hence this Eco Fashion Week challenge, which aims to show people just how much fashion can be made from these left overs. The results were truly amazing! My favourite? It's hard to argue with those adorable matching sweatshirts with Young Oak's initials on them...the cropped Disneyland sweater was pretty darn cute too...

Happy Styling! xo


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