Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Nebulous Beauty Event

As I've become much more involved with beauty in the past year, I love it now when fashion and beauty come together at events like this! The Nebulous Beauty event, hosted by Black2Blond, La Biosthetique Canada, and Eco Fashion Week, featured live haircuts by Black2Blond hairstylists Sara Burke and Dylan Beatch and a fashion show styled by Sarah D'Arcey.

There was definitely some serious hairstyling skills being showcased on the stage, and when both hairstyles were complete, Burke and Beatch took off the covers to reveal both models' stunning dresses, both styled by Sarah D'Arcey. It was amazing how well each hairstyle paired with their respective dress. The modern bob looked gorgeous with the open-back Ecote dress, and the retro-inspired 'do was a perfect fit for Evan DuCharme's Coco Silk Evening Gown.

Stylist Sarah D'Arcey gave me a quick peek into the inspiration behind the Nebulous Beauty runway show:

"I went looking for garments that were interesting and spoke to me in the form of shape, texture and colour. I love Value Village to find pieces that are interesting and are (or look) high end. I like working with all the pieces to tell a story as a collection. While each look is different, they all build off each other to create this vision of nebulous beauty. I sourced items for well over a month for this project. I really wanted to present a curated collection with the use of tulle, lace and fabrics that were two dimensional," explained D'Arcey. "I really love using Evan Ducharme's pieces because they are so well constructed and capture every detail. The Cordelia gown is one of my favorite pieces he has done and it really highlighted this fashion story."

I was thrilled to hear that Sara had thrifted a good portion of the outfits, as I'm a huge fan of thrifting myself (in case you didn't already know!). She did a fabulous job of creating a continuous theme amongst the looks, and matching them to the edgy hairstyles by Sara Burke and Dylan Beatch. 

Sara Burke & Dylan Beatch of Black2Blond demonstrating two live haircuts on modela Anya (left) and Devin (right)!

Fashions from left to right, styled by stylist Sara D'Arcey:
H&M top and David Dixon skirt, Topshop, Value Village, Lord & Taylor

Fashions from left to right, styled by stylist Sara D'Arcey:
Lavin for H&M, Evan DuCharme, H&M peplum, H&M skirt

Fashions from left to right, styled by stylist Sara D'Arcey:
Evan DuCharme, Ecote, H&M

In love with these 2 hairstyles!

With Fashion Blogger Rosalia of Style Love - Photo by Santiago Firero

With Fashion Blogger Rosalia of Style Love - Photo by Santiago Firero

Jacket - Judith & Charles (thrifted) | Hat - Aldo | Necklace - Olive + Piper | Shirt - H&M (thrifted) | Jeans - Urban Planet | Purse - JustFab | Heels - Jessica Simpson (thrifted)
Happy Styling! xo


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