Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thrifty Thursday

More fun new stuff to add to the closet this week!

Who doesn't love bows? Don't they make everything better? This super cute top is completely work appropriate, but looks chic and fashionable when styled with fitted dress pants and some fun flats.

Store: Salvation Army
Brand: Jacob
Store Section: Short Sleeve Blouse
What I Paid: $6.99
What it Costs New: ?

I wasn't able to find anything out about this brand, nor why the belt says Gucci, but I really love the cut of this dress! This will totally make a fashionable work dress, especially with a bright pullover sweater over top.

Store: Value Village
Brand: Alberto Gabbana Italy
Store Section: Dresses
What I Paid: $17.99
What it Costs New: ?

You know how your mother always told you to wait for it to go on sale? Well, how about waiting for it to show up in Value Village?? I wanted this purse when I first saw it in Aldo, but ultimately never purchased it. Then, lo and behold, I find the exact purse in Value Village for a real steal! What a win.

Store: Value Village
Brand: Aldo
Store Section: Purses
What I Paid: $14.99
What it Costs New: ~ 30

Happy Styling! xo



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