Monday, December 21, 2015

Happy Thriftmas! Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea

Oh, where did the time go?? I was just racing around today getting the last of my Christmas shopping done - phew - and now it's time to get the wrapping done in time for Christmas Eve!

I wanted to find a unique way to wrap up the wine bottles for our wine & beer exchange, so I dusted off this link I pinned a couple of years ago to create some knit wine bags with thrifted sweaters! I found three perfect ivory cable knit sweaters at Value Village (and also happened to pick out a wonderful Ugly Christmas Sweater while I was there). If you want to see how to make these adorable "wine cozies" yourself, you can check out That's What Che Said for the tutorial that inspired this little project, or follow along below!

Above: the three knit sweaters I thrifted from Value Village

Step 1: Cut off the sleeve of the sweater. 12 inches will fit a traditional wine bottle perfectly!
Step 2: Turn the sweater sleeve inside out, and trace around the bottom of the bottle. Leave a centimetre or so around the bottle.

Step 4: Cut out along the line you drew
Step 5: Sew the circle patch to the bottom of the sweater sleeve. And that's it! You're all done. Just tie a ribbon around the top for a festive touch. I think they're just adorable!

And couldn't forget the ugly Christmas sweater: not bad at all for 5 bucks. I feel like I belong in an 80's ski chalet haha!

Happy Holiday Styling! xo

~ Britta


  1. That's such a cute gift idea! Love those cosies!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. These are so cute! I didn't know you were so crafty :)


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