Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Floaties & Palm Prints: The Two Hottest Trends This Summer

Let me tell you, when a particular item of clothing, or pair of sunglasses or shoes gets stuck in my head, there is NOTHING that will stop me from searching to the ends of the internet until I find it. This was most definitely the case with this Butterfly by Matthew Williamson Leaf Print bathing suit, and I felt so proud when I finally tracked it down! Haha a little sad, maybe, but I'm stubborn. And I'm a little obsessed with palm prints right now, which just also happen to be the hottest print of this summer.

I've always wanted to have a bathing suit with high waisted bottoms, so I ended up going out of my way to find the retro high waisted bottoms version (but don't worry, they have a regular brief bottoms version too). Aren't they the cutest? As for the top, Asos had a pretty good range of sizes (and proper sizes, none of that small/medium large crap!). If you're not a fan of two-pieces though, I also came across this gorgeous one piece in the same leaf print, that even features a sexy lace up front! I almost bought that one too but managed to restrain myself...(pat on the back for not overspending).

A trip to the lake was definitely in order once it arrived! I headed up to White Pine Beach with Samantha from OTISamantha and her GIANT swan floaty for a day of sun, fun and floating around. It sure did take a while to get it blown up, but it was totally worth it! The kids on the beach were all pretty jealous.

Bathing suit top - Asos (or Debenhams) | Bathing suit bottoms - high waisted via Debenhams (or briefs via Lipsy) | Hat - Winners | Sunglasses - Winners

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

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  1. Love that gorgeous bikini! Great minds must think alike! I ordered several palm print items (including palm print bra top and workout pants) from Fabletics. Check it out if you want to see other palm print options. I'm a thrifty person who works at several gyms. Fabletics costs more, but in my opinion they're worth it.

    Happy thrifting ;)


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