Monday, July 4, 2016

Why Everyone Should Have 1 'WOW' Dress in Their Closet

It's easy to justify your way out of buying a beautiful, dramatic formal dress when you don't have a prom or wedding or gala in sight. I know the rule of thumb when buying something is to always think of at least three ways you can wear it, but sometimes it's not always about practicality.

I bought this dress a few years ago, with the intention of wearing it to Vancouver Fashion Week. It was bold - perfect for the occasion, but to be honest I had no idea when I'd every where it again. It has become a surprising go-to over the years, though. Whenever I feel like I need something a bit above and beyond a cocktail dress, it's perfect. Something different. And it makes me feel special too - like when I played dress-up as princess when I was a kid! And everyone wants to feel special like that every once in a while, right? No matter what you're dressing up in. The whole I idea is to have something bold and fun you can go to in your closet when you want to spice things up.

This dress even got some good use at Halloween last year, and most recently I had the chance to wear it to a white dress code event in Vancouver called "The White Effect", which is the photos you'll see below. (Pretending to be a model for the evening ain't so bad - although I felt awkward as hell!)

My one recommendation in this whole "buy the impractical fancy dress" idea? Make sure it's in a neutral colour like white and black. You'll likely get a whole lot more wear out of it if you do decide to pick a neutral colour. But remember, the whole point is to have something you feel great in, so if you want to throw that recommendation out the window and go for colours and patterns, then go for it!

Photography by Cyrus Wu

Dress - Asos | Earrings - H&M

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

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