Friday, October 14, 2016

Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Harley Quinn Suicide Squad

This is a Halloween costume that's particularly great if you're a beauty lover: Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad! I teamed up with London Drugs to re-create this super fun beauty look using all drugstore makeup and hair products. It was so much fun to turn into Harley for a day (mind you, there were definitely some stares on the way home). Sometimes I definitely wish I could do more with my makeup, but feel a bit shy to go all out on any given day. Halloween is a perfect opportunity to go nuts and really play with your makeup!

When it comes to Harley Quinn, there are some key things to highlight for your beauty look:
  • The pale white complexion
  • The "ruined" pink and blue eye makeup
  • The perfect red lips
  • The signature heart and 'Rotten' facial tattoos
  • The pink and blue pigtails
You can watch the London Drugs Beauty video below to see our step-by-step tutorial. I'll even show you how to get Harley's signature pink and blue hair using Garnier's Colour Stylers (don't worry it's very temporary)!

Like the look? Find everything I used to re-create it here!

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

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