Sunday, November 6, 2016

Europe Beauty: Kiko Milano

I’m a little late here on my Friday beauty post, my apologies, but I caught a nasty cold while we were in Paris, and now I find myself playing catch-up as we take the train onwards to London for the last leg of our trip.

I wanted to highlight some of the fun beauty products I found along the way in Europe, and the first one here today is a gorgeous glittery eyeshadow I picked up from Kiko Milano while in Florence. Kiko Milano is a reasonably priced makeup boutique there, and after perusing the boutique in wide-eyed amazement, I settled on this beautiful eyeshadow in a shimmery, glittery champagne shade. I swatched it in the store and my eyes almost popped out of my head: SO pigmented in just one swipe!

I test drove the shadow on a night out in Switzerland, and to my relief, it didn’t crease at all, and actually turned out to be very wearable on the eyes. You can pack on more eyeshadow for a more intense look, or apply just a little to the eyes to give them a hint of shimmer.

For just 4 Euros, it was a total steal!

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

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