Monday, November 21, 2016

Preppy London Style with Clearly

What better place to break out the preppy style than London, England! One of my favourite parts of fall and winter is getting to layer up my look with preppy shirts over sweaters, and shades of wine paired with camel and cognac. Plus, I've always felt that trench coats are a great preppy add-on, and they're an essential part of any London-inspired outfit!

I picked up my coveted copy of the newest Harry Potter book (or script, rather) while at Shakespeare and Company in Paris earlier on my trip. I took to reading it on the go, to pass the time when on our train and bus rides. I brought along my trusty new Clearly glasses from the brand Love, which I've been using when I'm in front of the computer or reading. They have a special Blue Reflect coating so that UV light can't pass through the lenses, helping my eyes to relax more while on my laptop! 

Anyway, I picked out this Love L770 tortoise design from Clearly's collection because I knew it would go great with all my fall-coloured outfits, and they totally fit my preppy style! It looks like they're sold out of my particular style right now, but if you're looking for a pair that's similar to mine, you can check out these Love glasses in Love 771 Tokyo Tortoise (the same pattern as mine). I had a super tough time choosing between the tortoise glasses and these deep red Eva glasses from Kam Dhillon. They're such a unique red colour, and looked very flattering. They were a very close second!

You know I'm always looking for a style steal too, so of course these glasses are super reasonable at around $70 (including Standard Air Lenses, plus free shipping and returns (yippee!). You can browse Clearly's Love glasses online here. With glasses this affordable, you know I'm going to want like 10 pairs in every style imaginable! Glasses are definitely one of my favourite accessories.

Glasses - Love via Clearly (similar) | Coat - Joe Fresh (thrifted via Value Village) | Necklace- Nobis & Grey | Shirt - Winners | Sweater - Tommy Hilfiger (via Winners) | Scarf - thrifted via Salvation Army | Boots - Just Fab | Purse - Just Fab

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

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