Monday, February 6, 2017

Valentine's Outfit Inspiration

Ah yes, an excuse to rock my favourite new LBD? Why thank you, Valentine's Day! I'll take it. 

Bardot necklines are having a big moment right now, so if you're searching for a dress to wear for date night (or any night out, really), it's a great choice. Even though they're trending right now, it's really a classic style, so it's something you can keep in your closet and wear for years!

Now, another big trend right now that I wanted to feature in this Valentine's Day outfit is the 90's choker. You go to pretty much any women's clothing or accessories store in the mall right now and find a billion of them. Here's the thing - why go buy a bunch of new necklaces when you can make your own chokers at home? And it's not even really a DIY project: it's just a matter of tying your regular necklaces tighter! I know, it sounds so obvious, but seriously why isn't everyone doing this?? Most of your necklaces will have the claw on the end that opens and closes to attach to the chain of small rings on the other open end. Try placing the necklace high around your neck and closing the necklace to make it as small as possible. That might even mean surpassing the usual short-to-long set of rings most necklaces have. For the necklace you see me wearing below, I actually closed the clasp on one of the rings which connects the jewelled pieces of the necklace. Consequently by doing this, you also end up with a pretty strand of necklace down the back of your neck! It's actually quite gorgeous!

I hope this inspires your Valentine's Day outfit, and saves your some cash creating your own choker necklaces at home!

Jacket - thrifted via Salvation Army | Dress - H&M (similar) | Necklace & Bracelet - c/o Nobis & Grey | Purse - Aldo (thrifted via Value Village) | Shoes - Aldo (thrifted via Salvation Army)

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta


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