Friday, February 10, 2017

Teeez Cosmetics Review

I always get giddy at the prospect of discovering a new makeup brand. Well, OK I didn't discover this one all on my own - Teeez Cosmetics was kind enough to reach out to me and introduce themselves, but I'm so glad they did, but I am totally hooked on this stuff now! After all, a fashion-forward makeup brand is right up my alley.

The packaging alone had me sold. They sent me three products to test out: their Style Addict Highlighter, Spectrum of Stars Eyeshadow, and Mysterious Crystal Liner. All of them had such eye-catching packaging that was also noticeably sturdy: indicative of a quality, high end makeup brand. You can find Teeez Cosmetics exclusively at the Hudson's Bay

Keep reading for a closer look at each product!

Style Addict Highlighter in Smooth Copper (Fashion Vendetta Collection)

I went straight for the highlighter first - my curiosity was already piqued by the packaging, and when I lifted the lid, I was beyond excited. It looked like molten bronze, in a beautiful whipped formula! Gorgeous! I was a little worried that the colour would be too dark for me as a highlighter, but if I'm not too liberal with it, and blend well into the skin, it gives me a gorgeous sun-kissed glow! This one is definitely going to get a lot of use in the summer especially.

Spectrum of Stars Eyeshadow in Vanilla Sunbeam (Sugar Rush Collection)

Were you a huge fan of the EOS lip balms when they were everywhere? Then you're probably going to love the packaging of these little eyeshadow babies! Inside this shiny gold egg, you'll find the double or triple changeant eyeshadow shade that's enriched with Moroccan argan oil. The Vanilla Sunbeam shade is a beautiful light gold colour with a nice rich texture.

Mysterious Crystal Liner in Rich Amber (Desert Glow Collection)

This liner is 100% a worthwhile investment for your everyday makeup routine. It has just the hint of a shimmer, and when I say this formula is smudge-proof, I am not kidding! It takes a bit of work to take off with makeup remover, which means you know it's going to stay put on your eyes all day. The liner dries in 45 seconds too, for those of you with no patience (hey that's me too!). Plus, on the other end of the liner, there's even a little smudger and a sharpener. You better be quick if you want to use the smudger though, because of the aforementioned quick drying time!

I'll be taking a look at more Teeez Cosmetics products over the next couple of months, so stay tuned to see more!

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

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  1. Oh my gosh I NEED to try that whipped highlighter - it looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!
    Lee | LegalLee Blonde


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