Friday, March 31, 2017

How to Rock the Draping Trend Without Looking Like an 80's Diva

I've been pretty intrigued by the 'draping' blush trend after seeing it on a number of Spring/Summer runways. I will start by prefacing that I really strongly dislike 80's fashion and beauty, so when I first saw this 80's blush trend making a resurgence, I wasn't exactly keen on giving it a try. After all, it didn't seem like a super wearable trend for everyday people. That being said, today I thought I would show you a more natural-looking way to channel this trend into your Spring beauty, using cream blush! I really love the look of this toned-down version, as I think it gives your complexion a beautiful naturally-flushed look. Keep reading to see how it's done!

For starters, I like to use a cream blush for this look. A powder blush can definitely work for the draping trend too, but cream blush is easiest to re-create this flushed look. If you're looking for a specific recommendation, I love this Coral Reef shade in Revlon's Cream Blush. For summer especially, I really like the look of coral blushes.

Step 1: Pick up some pigment

Use your index finger to swirl some product. You can always start small, and pick up more cream blush with your finger if you feel like it's not enough. Remember: it's easier to apply more than take it away once it's applied! It's best to do this, especially if you're not sure how pigmented your blush is.

Step 2: Start dabbing!

Start from the apple of your cheek and work your way up to your temple, dabbing along in a C-like shape. Very similar to the C you create when you're contouring! In fact, 'draping' has been called the new contour.

Here's what it looks like after I've dabbed from the apples of my cheeks up to my temple, before blending. You can see the 'C' shape.

Step 3: Blend Away

Blend in the blush, dabbing and using small circular motions. Take a look in the mirror once finished, and see if you need to blend more. In my case, I ended up going back a few times to dab on more product and blend again.

The result: a natural-looking flush that extends beyond your cheeks, up the sides of the face!

Happy Draping! xo

~ Britta

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