Friday, May 12, 2017

The Hair Extension Virgin

Hair extensions were never something I contemplated trying until I chopped off my long hair a couple years back. I lived most of my life with long hair, and was pretty used to being able to do anything with it: crazy long sleek ponytails, top knots, buns, and all kinds of braids. Once I cut my hair though, I found myself pinning pretty long-haired styles on Pinterest before realizing "oh...well that won't work anymore..."

Best Hair Store was kind enough to let me try out clip-in hair extensions for the very first time, and it's been pretty exciting and freeing to have all kinds of new hairstyles at my fingertips once again! With my blunt bob, it's definitely a bit of a challenge to blend the extensions when wearing them down, but I've found they still work very well for all kinds of hairstyles, like the long braid you see below, and high sleek ponytails (which are the kinds of styles I was interested in trying extensions with in the first place anyway!).

I ended up choosing these clip-in extensions in Silky Straight Virgin Remy Hair in 120g, which are 18 inches long. Some quick research told me that 'remy' means it's the finest quality of human hair, because all the hair cuticles are intact and placed in the same direction (giving them the most natural look), and a weight of 120g was better for thin hair like mine. They're just the right thickness, are super soft, and haven't gotten tangled at all.

Also: how perfectly do these extensions match my natural hair colour?? Being my first time ordering them, I was pretty worried that the hairs were going to be entirely the wrong shade. I've heard of people paying to get their extensions dyed to match their hair colour, but I had my fingers crossed that they would be a match when they arrived. Luckily, they were spot on! The ones I'm wearing below are in the colour #613 Light Blonde.

My kind friend Leeanne of Legallee Blonde was willing to show me how to put the hair extensions in properly (thanks Leeanne!). One really great tip she shared is that the extensions should never be placed higher than your ears, so most of the extension pieces should fall pretty low on your head. Also, doing some teasing along each section before you clip in the extensions made a big difference keeping them in place, especially with my thin hair.

Check out the photos below to see the before and after. Which do you prefer? I think they're such a fun way to switch up your hairstyle without waiting years to grow out your hair! If you're looking for some reasonably priced virgin remy hair extensions, Best Hair Store is definitely worth checking out.

Happy (Hair) Styling! xo

~ Britta

Disclaimer: Best Hair Store provided the hair extensions mentioned in this post for review. Opinions are entirely my own!

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