Monday, May 22, 2017

The Shoes I Wear When I'm Not Wearing Heels

Heels are wonderful. They give us that extra boost of height, add length to our legs, give us a killer strut, and take any outfit from casual to chic. I love my heels. But here's the thing, we know they're not always comfortable, and for lots of daily activities, they're just not the best choice.

I was out this past Friday for a friend's birthday; we went out for the evening, danced and were out late. And I wore heels the whole night. The next day, I woke up to realize that two of my toes were partially numb!! Having never experienced this before, I was mildly terrified, and turned to the internet of course to self-diagnose..turns out it's a pretty common symptom of wearing heels for extended periods of time. Pretty crazy, that most women have just accepted this as a bi-product of wearing heels. The reason this has never happened to me before is that I'm usually pretty good about bringing flats along with me to change into later in the evening, or I stash some sneakers in my car so I can change to drive (especially important when driving standard like my car).

Anyways, all to say, it's a small reminder to treat your feet well, and while I'm not swearing off heels anytime soon, it's certainly a good idea to have some comfortable footwear on-hand. SKYE Footwear, a Vancouver-based brand recently offered to let me try out The Lons, their loafer-sneaker, and they have become my go-to for casual days or for switching out of heels part way through the day. The 'modern mariner' style of The Lons looks great with anything from jeans to joggers, and personally from someone who is not a big fan of running shoes, these have become the bridge to athleisure footwear for me. A few years ago, I wouldn't have been caught dead on the streets of Vancouver in 'athleisure'-wear, but this chic take on the sneaker is definitely my style. And seriously, they're contoured perfectly to my feet and feel like I'm walking on clouds.

PLUS, the other awesome thing about SKYE Footwear is that they are sustainable! (and you know here at Vancouver Vogue, eco-friendly brands are our fave!) All their shoes and packaging products are designed to be minimum-use, are animal-free, and every effort is made to be biodegradable and recyclable - helping to reduce their carbon footprint. The shoe's uppers are made of man-made materials, which have a lower carbon impact than natural materials, and the SKYE impact + rebound insole and outsole are 100% biodegradable! The SKYE Foam outsole is also 100% recyclable.

Below I'm showing you how I style my pair of The Lons - they're perfect for my more casual days running around town. You can check out this Instagram post for another styled outfit featuring The Lons as well!

If you're loving these sneakers as much as I am, you can snatch yourself a pair with the code vancouver_vogueSKYE for 15% off!

Sweatshirt - Brunette the Label | Jeans - Simons | Sunglasses - Ilymix via JewelryBean | Shoes - c/o SKYE Footwear 

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

Disclaimer: SKYE Footwear provided the shoes featured in this post for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

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