Friday, August 25, 2017

How to Look Like A Morning Person

If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I'm not a morning person. Never have been, probably never will be. I need at least 9 hours sleep to feel refreshed, and sleeping in til noon on the weekend is a wonderful thing. That being said, there's this thing called 'work' that keeps me from sleeping in every day. So to get that roll-out-of-bed radiance, I've got a secret weapon: my Origins GinZing Faves beauty routine!

GinZing's key ingredients? Coffee and ginseng! Well, caffeine and ginseng to be exact. I may not be much of a coffee drinker (I'm a tea lover), but I do love the smell of coffee, and turns out it's pretty great for your skin too. It's known for its energizing benefits and its ability to help the skin look healthy and refreshed. Just what I need in the morning! 

Keep on reading below to see each of their awesome GinZing products to make you morning-ready...

Origins x Pintrill pins - aren't they adorable??

This an exciting new addition to Origins! I love tinted moisturizers and BB creams. I actually rarely wear foundation anymore. I love the light texture, and now that my days of breakouts are long behind me (for the most part), I don't usually need heavy coverage. This GinZing Tinted Moisturizer hydrates, energizes, and perfects with a hint of colour match tint. Plus, it has SPF 40 to protect from UV, which is an abolute must for me. I sometimes have a hard time with tinted moisturizers because of my fair skin, but if I blend it in well, this one looks great! It comes out a very light cream-like shade, but when you blend, it turns into a nice neutral tint. And bam - 30 seconds later I look more awake! Oh and it smells great - like fresh oranges. Mmmmm.

I absolutely love the texture of this GinZing Gel Moisturizer. The gel has a lovely cooling effect, which feels great on the skin first thing in the morning. It's also lightweight, oil-free, and instantly hydrates to make the skin look radiant. I'm obsessed with anything grapefruit right now, so no surprise I love the scent: grapefruit, lemon and mint to invigorate the senses!

Now if you're going to pick one GinZing product to really wake you up, make it this one! Whenever I'm really tired, it always shows in my eyes (I think most people will agree that's the same for them). They're puffy and sting a bit. No fun. This GinZing Eye Cream has an awesome cooling effect that feels soooo good on the eye area and wakes them right up! The formula de-puffs and reduces dark circles, and Magnolia Extract brightens up the eyes so I look refreshed. Tip: it's also great stow in your carry-on if you're going on a long flight to give your eyes a pick-me-up!

If there's one piece of makeup that will make you look wide-eyed in a flash, it's mascara. This GinZing lash-boosting mascara gives lashes an instant lift! My first impression of a mascara is always based on the brush, and this one passed the test with flying colours. A nice big bushy brush! I love super-volumized and long lashes, and I find brushes like this do that best. I apply to both top and bottom lashes: just a light layer on the bottom lashes, and a few coats on the top lashes, zig-zagging my brush back and forth. I've got some close-up photos below so you can see just how volumizing and lengthening it is!

So, did I fool you? Do I look wide awake or what?? I've linked up everything below so you can look like a morning person too!

Happy Styling! xo

~ Britta

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